Posted by: Jonjon | May 24, 2010

A Journey Through The Heart

I am of no religion.
I am of no one.
I simply Am
The Light of Creation.

Within God’s mind I create.
From the heart I commune.
From the mind I perceive.

The Transcription of the Worlds.

Through the heart.
Lies the path to a higher consciousness.
The Connection to God

From the moment you judge

From the moment you fear

You can choose to be separate.
You can choose to be whole.
*Free Will*

Free Will is God’s gift.
It will always be yours
*Divine promise*


God shall not interfere with your choices.
For better or worse
Peace or War.
*Unconditional love*


By now,
The nature of Creation should be clear.
It is one of love and unification.
*God’s Nature*

Creation will always be in the process of becoming whole.

Creation will always be in the state of balance.

Creation is a reflection of the Creator.

This divine nature will apply.

To God and Men.
*As above, so below*

God’s nature manifests in Physicality
Transcribed as Newton’s law.
“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
==If an apple is thrown, it shall fall==

God’s nature manifests in Spirituality.
Transcribed as Prayer
“What you ask for.
You shall receive.”

God’s nature manifests in Religion.
Transcribed as Karma.
“What you do to others.
The same will be done to you.”

This shall apply to all.
No exceptions
*As above, so below*


Your prayer shall not be granted.
Unless your wish is to change.
To realize the nature of love.
*God’s Nature*
*Your Nature*

Karma was also made not to be instant.
To allow you the chance to change.
To realize the nature of love.
*God’s Nature*
*Your Nature*

Karma is simply your teacher.
Accompanying your every life.
*Follow it wisely*

Thus realize this now.

God’s nature is Love.

God cannot Judge.
God cannot Punish.
*Are not reflective of God’s nature*

God’s Punishment.
God’s Morality.
God’s Conduct.
*Are the Transcriptions of Men*

What has happened to you.
What is happening to you.
What will happen to you.
*A Reflection of your Actions*

Only men can punish themselves.


Heavens and Hells.
Are the mind states.
For within us are our minds and emotions.
*A world unto its own*
*Creation within Creation*

Learn to release these states while you’re here.
For it can become very real.
During, and after the journey.
*Divine Purpose*

In the end.
Whatever Decision you make.
Whatever Jobs you do..
Whatever Religion you are.

You shall not be judged.
You shall be loved.

Many lives have passed.
Many times forgotten.
For within the mind of the Creator.
You will always be one.
For you too are the Creator of your own lives.
*As above, so below*

Your Creations are a reflection of you.
So Create wisely.


When you are ready.
You shall see the path.

Do not doubt.


Even if you take 108 wrong turns.
They will all lead to one place. .

You know this.

The Heart.

-Jon 22

The World – Transcribed.

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