Posted by: Jonjon | August 31, 2009

August 28 2009 Wise One and Kyle on Caring, Self-Sacrifice, Selflessness and love.

Kyle “Hello”

Wise One “It has been a long time hasn’t it”

Kyle “Yeah….took me a while to ground myself and connect with you once again. I guess I was just a bit affected by the special circumstance that I was put in”

Wise One “You mean been stranded with no money?”

Kyle “haha yeah…..and the whole isolation thing..”

Wise One “Well it was the only way”

Kyle “isn’t there an easier way?”

Wise One “For many incarnations, we gave everyone like you a chance to do it the easier way….and when that gave no results, we decided it to do it a different way…which may seem more difficult but really it is not. It seems like it’s working surprisingly haha”

Kyle “Just what I thought!!…you guys are still experimenting with methods to teach humanity!!!…I’ve always thought tht you guys could always figure out what was best and think up of one solution to solve all problems. Looks like you guys are still trying to find the right one!”

Wise One “Despite being all-seeing, we still could not violate the law of free will. We cannot move a man towards the path of love if he chooses suffering…that is why humanity is moving slower than planned in the divine scheme of things.  ”

Kyle “Ahhh I see. But using tactics to stir people up is quite sad……can’t you just tell them what the problem is directly?.”

Wise One “From our experience, telling people things directly really never worked”

Kyle “I’d like you to elaborate on that”

Wise One “Well, lets use one of your learnings as an example. You have a tendancy to care too much for others. For many lifetimes, we got teachers to tell you your problem upfront, but that never worked. So In the end, we had to resort to indirect measures to help you move forward. .”

Kyle “Wait a moment!!! I thought being selfless is virtue?? I thought you need to sacrifice your self for others? It’s not like I do it out of effort, it’s my personality,……and I do it out of love, isn’t that wrong??”

Wise One “You see……you just can’t see the problem because you have had this problem for so many lifetimes.. Being selfless is different from self-sacrifice. I’m sure that you know very well that people are immovable. If you try to help them spiritually, in very rare cases would they take your advice. Not to say that it’s your teaching method that is wrong, even many great teachers have this problem….. You see, people are more concerned about quick-fixes, and they tend to be more materialistic these days and in addition they judge…and the list goes on. Nothing will change if you constantly worry about others don’t you think?”

Kyle “…..then how will other people move forward?”

Wise One “Stop worrying!! It’s their responsibility don’t you think? It’s quicker for everyone also if you worked on yourself first, then help others later. If you keep on concentrating on others, which will not help much…sorry to say….you will have wasted much time. From an energetic point of view, when you grow as a spiritual being, you are also affecting changes within the internal structures of the whole world, so you are contributing really already when you work on yourself

Kyle “But I thought being on the spiritual path means that you have to learn to care about others? Wouldn’t it be selfish if I just concentrated on myself?”

Wise One “The spiritual path is the heart path. And it is about love. We want you to learn how to love people, not really about how worry about them.”

Kyle “?? I still don’t get it, please elaborate”

Wise one “Caring takes energy, and most of the time it is not spontaneous, but rather a voluntary or involuntary process. But loving someone requires something that is already there. It is a natural reaction, a natural and unconditional energy that you give out and it is a contribution to humanity.

Kyle “What…so I shouldn’t give out money to the beggars who have no money on the street?”

Wise One “If your heart wants you to, you should do it. It is really up to you. But only when you have enough money for yourself. If you give out things which you don’t have, then that is an unnecessary sacrifice. Also, you may not really helping a beggar out if you gave him money. He may have addiction to gambling or drinking, that is why he ended up there. If you keep giving him money to feed his bad habits, how will he change? That is what happens to people refuse to change and let their learnings take  over them…because they will eventually end up in a situation where they will be forced to change, and those situations are usually very hard ones.

Kyle “haha…you guys are pretty serious about moving people forward aren’t you?”

Wise One “We are not the one doing the forcing, they are simply creating the suffering situation themselves. It is the universal law of karma really. The law of karma can be a bit too direct at times, but we can reduce the steepness of the slope so people can release their learnings at a gradual pace to prevent them from ending up in horrendous situations”

Kyle “I see …….so what do you think is the best way for me to release that particular learning that you just said?.”

Wise One “You see, the best way right now is to put you in a situation where no one will worry about you. Because you have lived with your family for such a long time, you feel that it is appropriate to always worry about the people around you. You see, your parents have the same learnings too, and they are reinforcing the notion on you that it is alright to worry about people everyday. You will never see the problem when you live under the same household as them everyday. That is why we needed you to move out of your house, and now we are in the process of finding you some flatmates that are self-loving, and don’t have a tendancy to worry about the people around them. You will probably be angry at first, thinking that this is unfair, that you are constantly caring for them but they are not caring for you. But eventually, you’ll find that you are in fact caring too much, and hopefully you will change your ways.

Kyle “That makes sense….looks like you guys thought it through”

Wise One “Ummm….we actually planned the whole thing with your soul when you came in,…so we thought it with you.”

Kyle “Oohh……new information for me everyday eh?”

Wise One “Being a forgetful being that is normal”


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