Posted by: Jonjon | August 31, 2009

August 28 2009 Wise One and Kyle on attachment to money and caring about oneself

Kyle “These days I just can’t find someone as enthusiastic me wanting to be o the spiritual path. This is strange….?”

Wise One “. Haha… Not many people are interested because we are currently in the period of darkness, or Kali Yuga. Everyone is more focused on materialistic things and achievements. All people care these days are money-related things really. . ”

Kyle “Why is it not a good thing? I think it is necessary for us to have money. Lets put the idea of human beings as souls aside, since we are in physicality, having money would make us live better don’t you think so? ”

Wise One “Yes. Most of the times in order to survive in society these days it is required that you have money.

But it is bad to be attached to money. You see, the result of being attached to money brings up many walls to the spiritual path. People end up wanting more money. As a result, they become more materialistic. As a result, their happiness are then weighed by the amount of money they carry rather than being weight by what they are as a person, as a soul. Their heart closes up, because they become more selfish and competitive. A closed heart usually invites hate into the playing field, and people end up getting hurt from the consequences. People are spiritual beings….and they forget that. They really do forget that happiness comes within, not from the outside. ”

Kyle “….hmmm….if someone was attached to money, how would you help him to release that particular learning

Wise One “By giving him money”

Kyle “Really???”

Wise One “What do you think? No! The opposite should happen. He should be left with just enough money to survive.

Kyle “That sounds cruel!

Wise One You see, when someone ends up poor, he will ultimately be forced to make a choice. He can choose whether or live sad poorly, or live happily poorly. If he chooses the latter, then the plan succeeds. But if he chooses the former…which many people do unfortunately…then the suffering will drag on until he finally takes a step to move forward….”

Kyle “What……wait a minute…isn’t that what you are doing with me at the moment? But I don’t have a problem with being attached to money, why are you making me poor??? That’s unfair”

Wise One “ are a different case. We took it away from you in order so you won’t …worry about what is to come. You are constantly always worrying about whether or not you will make enough money…..and that is a major blockage to your spiritual path. You see…because you are always worrying about this, it makes you confused as to who you are and what you want in life”

Kyle “oh? What has this to do with who I am?? What??”

Wise One “Well. You have a tendancy to be very logical….which is a good thing…but it’s very bad when you end up blocking your heart from having opinions to your choices. Your heart is the “true” you. Remember that time when your heart wanted you to go for a tourism job? Nope…you decided that it wasn’t going to make enough money. Remember when you wanted to go overseas and have a job experience? Nope…you thought you’d rather stay at home and save enough money to buy a house later without a mortgage. Your fear of money made you stay at home and you end up missing out on many experiences that you wanted to have ..or planned to have before you came into this life.

Kyle “……haha..yeah…why…..I guess I thought I was being clever…..but I was,,,,from a financial point of view..…woo this is confusing….”

Wise One “You should learn to do what your heart wants you to do. Would you want to have wasted 30 years of your life giving up what your heart wants to do so you can save up enough money to buy a house, or live out your dreams? You don’t want to be disappointed after you die and look back on your life as a soul. Because at that point, you will remember what your plan in this life was, and regret not having fulfilled your destiny because of some earthly financial goals.

Kyle “I see….oh now I understand why you took money away from me…I think it did help. I felt at times that, since I have not much money now….why not spend it to try out some things that I’ve always wanted to try, since it won’t make much difference to the degree of poverty I’m in.

Wise One “There is also another reason…..we also did that so you could love yourself more”

Kyle “What……do you mean…how can I love myself more …if I don’t have any money?”

Wise One “Well…when you had money, you always spent it on other people. You never spent it on yourself.

Kyle “What!!?? Spending money on myself is part of the spiritual path?”

Wise One “No. Loving yourself is part of it. You never spent any money on yourself because you have habit of thinking that you don’t deserve any happiness. Spending money on yourself is just a small step to get you to do something for yourself.

Kyle “……yeah, I did eventually spend some money on myself…since I had to. And sometimes, I used it to buy some snacks just to cheer myself up. Yeah…I guess I did end up loving myself even more”

Wise One “One other thing too. Because you never cared about yourself. This created an imbalance, which made you care for other people a little bit too much. By placing you in a situation where people did not care about you, it forced you to care about yourself even more.

Kyle “You’re right….. I used to care about people…a bit too much in fact. But when I was left with nothing, I was forced to care about myself more than others, and that made me love myself even more. But …wouldn’t that make me …love other people less?”

Wise One “ Loving yourself more will make you love other people more too. You see, when you love yourself, like when you love other people, your heart opens. You give to people as much as you have, and by building love from the inside, you will have more to share with other people.”

Kyle “ heart did open up. Because I felt like I needed help, I felt like …a human being. That released a lot of judgment learning; my judgment towards people, and my bad habit of always constantly thinking that I don’t deserve this and I don’t deserve that. . And that made me see everyone else ..including me…as equals, and made me want to open out to them, tell them that I feel the same sadness as them…that we all belong in the same boat. Despite that I still have met people with closed hearts, I chose to remain open hearted when I talked to them because …I could relate. People close their hearts because of their fear of getting hurt….

Wise One “But really…you only get hurt when you choose to close your heart. Because that is when the fear really kicks in, and that is when the feeling of non-belonging comes and make you feel alone and sad”

Kyle “I see. So the whole spiritual path…is quite hard …if you are a materialistic person isn’t it?”

Wise One “Yes and No. We only give people what they can take, but no more….unless they ask for it vehemently….and they usually do We often get complaints from some people who are on the spiritual path…who are constantly asking us why we always give allow evil people to be rich and the good to be poor…….but they just don’t see the whole purpose in the whole thing…”

Kyle “Aahhh…yeah…I see. People are always complaining about that isn’t it.”

Wise One “You did too”

Kyle “no…..well…yeah….but everyone does it..”


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