Posted by: Jonjon | August 28, 2009

Muffins – Caramelised Fig Muffins 8/10 August 28 2009


66% unsalted butter, 60% sugar, 66% eggs, 6.6% milk, baking powder, 120% dried figs, (caramelised mixture = 1:sugar 2:milk) 100% to Cake Flour


無鹽牛油……100g                  50g

糖………..90g               45g

蛋……….100g              50g

蜂蜜……..10g                          2g

泡打粉……..2g                        1g

低筋粉……..150g                    72g

無花果乾……180g                  90g


糖…….50g                               25g

牛奶…..100g                           50g

1. 煮焦糖~~中火將糖煮至溶, 至焦色後熄火, 牛奶分數次加入,放涼備用

2. 製作麵糰~~室溫牛油和糖打至變白

3. 蛋分數次加入拌勻, 再加入蜂蜜

4. 篩入低筋麵粉和泡打粉拌勻

5. 加入(1)的焦糖醬

6. 再加入切碎的果乾拌勻

7. 倒入模中, 180c 焗20-25mins

*煮焦糖時, 留意焦糖顏色, 煮得深色會變得苦澀,

所以糖煮至黃黃地色就可以熄火, 因為餘下的熱力足以讓糖醬繼續變深, 直至焦色


This was quite good. Not overly sweet and fragrant. Nothing particularly special, but I just liked the very balanced sweetness this muffin had. It was not subtly sweet, nor was it overly sweet, it just seemed like the sweetness merged in with the muffins. The skin was crunchy, and caramelized. Was very good for an ordinary muffin I guess. I used salted butter and AP flour because I didn’t have cake flour. The texture was quite good….like not cakey, and not bready, but muffin like.

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