Posted by: Jonjon | August 26, 2009

August 26 2009 The Divine Plan and the destiny of mankind by Imre Vallyon


SNC00450Today I thought I’d go out for hopping, since the weather was really good.

It was really nice walking in the sun. I thought I’d treat myself better today so went and brought a 2$ dessert called Savrin. I was intrigued by the named and asked about the cake. Apparently it is made from orange juice and rum liquor. It felt a bit sweet, and it was very moist, almost watery, and a bit too sweet. There was whipped cream on top with some fruits, which complicated the texture and flavor somewhat, so I just threw it away, because I didn’t like it that much. It was very fragrant though.

Then I went to the hari Krishna stand that they have every Wednesday in university. 5$ for a generous portion of food. The guy there was a bit strange, when I asked him how he was, he replied…thank you for asking. My heart tried to close up but I let it open. I guess I just felt bad energy from the guy. I felt his arrogance and his attempt to display spirituality. I just couldn’t believe how my heart tried to close when encountered with this energy. Despite it’s better to live with an open heart, I think I should stay away from these people because it makes it harder for me to live with an open heart. But I’m sure someday when I release a bit more of judgement towards people I wouldn’t react in this way. …..I also noticed a similar thing. Mrs N is always trying to get my attention. I felt fine with that, but today…my heart tried to close up when she was just like standing behind me eating,…and I guess that kinda …made me ….remember few angry memories ….. I just don’t like the way people are always so indirect, always expecting me to know what they are thinking *though I do know* but I just don’t like to feel manipulated. But experience have taught me…I always have to be the one to make approaches to people…so I guess …I just have to accept that this is the way things are.

Anyways after lunch I went up K-road, towards another hari Krishna café for my $2 samosas. Umm on the way, I saw an Indian store selling ice creams…heaps of ice creams…and would you believe it….also samosas too. Very very strange

They also sold this thing called Ragda Pani Puri. I asked about it, and they let me taste one. It was kinda like a …very thin crispy shell, with a hole in the middle where they put in stuffings. It tasted like a general mix of Indian spices, moistened by the taste of yogurt and was slightly spicy. It was not bad, but I didn’t find it particularly awesome. Anyways, the samosas there weren’t very good. They were tateless, the crust was tasteless too. The samosa shell looked enclosed, but the fillings was still drenched in oil…yuck.

I tried to spark up a conversation with the guy, but the guy’s English sucked so I went over to the hari Krishna café and ordered two samosas.

Anyways, then went back to flat mates house. …. ….got slightly worried about the verruca scar on my foot…it was becoming coarse….I don’t know what to do……my teacher told me to not to get surgery on it….but…hmm……..just hope it doesn’t get worse.

Then went to the library, and read the divine plan and the destiny of manind by Imre Vallyon.

Hmm…upon reading this, I realized that…teaching has already begun. Instead…I was being taught by this book. ….It answered my questions……..which kinda made me feel really satisfied. …but still…I need a teacher to tell me what my purpose and plan here is..

Anyways…..had a lot of dreams and encounters tonight……can’t remember much…but I did A LOT of things apparently.

Anyways, Recipe for Savrin

And yeah…I don’t think my soul wants me to go back and do voluntary work for hari krishna. Everytime I want to go back….like something happens, ….like today….when I worked on my foot verruca…it got a bit worse and now it hurts a bit ..hmmmm


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