Posted by: Jonjon | August 15, 2009

Asian – Guang Su Bing 光酥餅 6/10 August 15 2009


0.5% instant yeast, 9% cornstarch, 3% baking powder, 2% skim milk powder, 35% sugar, 11% condensed milk, 22% egg, vanilla essence and 5% corn oil

Instant Yeast : Fresh Yeast = 1:3, so divide fresh yeast by 3 to get Instant Yeast

Ingredients: (8 pieces @ 6cm diameter)


2g yeast                      0.66g instant yeast

30 ml warm water


90g plain flour

10g corn starch

4g baking powder


4g skim milk powder

35g – 40g sugar

10g condensed milk

20g lightly beaten egg

5 drops vanilla essence

1 tsp corn oil


1. Mix (A) well and stand aside for 5 – 10 minutes.

2. Sieve (B) into a mixing bowl. Make a well in the middle of the flour mixture, add in (A) and (C). Stir with a pair of chopsticks (or use your hands) till a sticky dough is formed.

3. Cover the mixing bowl with a piece of glad wrap and rest dough for one hour.

4. Flour working surface and hands. Divide dough into 25g pieces each (or any size you desired) and shape it into a flat round disc.

5. Place shaped dough on to a floured baking paper and dust some flour on the surface of the dough. Cover it with a damp towel without touching the surface. Rest shaped dough for 30 minutes.

6. Cover the Guang Su Bing with a piece of foil (make some holes in the foil with a toothpick) loosely and bake in the middle rack at 180C for 13 minutes.


This tasted a bit like…a milky sweet ….biscuit that has a dry texture of bread.

Was not too bad…but wasn’t too good….was just somewhere in between.


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