Posted by: Jonjon | July 31, 2009

Asian – Sesame Liquid Pudding 芝麻糊 8/10 July 31 2009


1:1:0.8:2:15 Rice : sesame powder: sugar, milk, water

蓬萊米   50公克                                25g

熟黑芝麻   30~50公克                      25g

水   600~700㏄                                  300c

鮮奶   100㏄                                      50c

糖   40公克                                        20g


將米、黑芝麻放入果汁機中, 加入水打成漿。






This was good. It wasn’t especially good, but I guess you can’t really make a better version. I couldn’t grind the rice down to powdered form so ended up eating a bit of rice in the liquid pudding. I added a bit more sugar, and yeah…I quite enjoyed it I guess. Was nothing particularly special though.

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