Posted by: Jonjon | July 21, 2009

Dough – Noodle – Hand Pulled Noodles 3 8/10 Taste like Ramen March 1 2009

3- 27% water 72% all purpose flour, 0.3% salt, and a bit of alkali (0.1%)

二. 拉麵製作:


1. 中筋麵粉 1公斤                250g

2. 鹽 20公克                          5g

3. 冷水 380公克                    95g  need to be increased by 80%  (150g)

4. 食用鹼粉 2公克                0.5g, increased it by 50%




This turned out pretty good. Umm the water as prescribed in the recipe was not enough to turn the flour into a dough, so I had to add 80% more. Anyways, I kneaded it in a bowl, so it didn’t stick to the surface. The dough was pretty hydrated, and after 1 hour of resting, it umm, was kneable but you could tell that it was a bit wet. Anyways, I tried to pull the noodles. At first, it was quite pullable, until the gluten started to develop and tears began to happen. I tried pulling it after letting it rest for 15minutes again but it didn’t work, so I ended up putting it through my pasta machine .I noticed that it was a bit mushy when pressed through, so I probably had to add about ½ cup of flour in the end to make it roll out thin. I cutted it with a knive, and umm after boiling them for 2-3 minutes and plunging them in cold water, they tasted very very much like ramen. So they tasted like Ramen, but I couldn’t pull them into ramen.


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