Posted by: Jonjon | July 21, 2009

Asian – Taro Cake 仙芋粿 9.5/10 February 23 2009

【原始食譜】阿芳的小吃2 — 甲仙芋粿


A. 去皮芋頭900g, 油蔥酥三大匙

B. 白飯一杯半, 在來米粉一又1/4杯, 地瓜粉2/3杯, 水二又3/4杯, (我另外多加了一大匙澄粉)

C. 鹽2/3小匙, 糖一又1/3大匙, 五香粉少許, 白胡椒粉1/8小匙

1. 芋頭刨粗絲~

2. 油蔥酥切碎

  1. 將材料B攪打成米漿, 炒鍋熱少許油, 米漿炒至成糊, 倒入芋頭絲及油蔥酥, 炒至成團~
  1. 放入8″可分離式的蛋糕模中,  入蒸鍋蒸煮50分鐘至全熟, 放涼後即可脫膜切片
  1. 兩面煎香後, 配醬油膏食用即可~


I added about 3x more white pepper powder, 2x more salt and 2 cracked Sichuan pepper pods grinded and ended up with just a bit salty flavor.

This was very good. I was a bit worried that the rice flour was not enough to congeal the taros, but it did. I steamed at the prescribed time plus 5 minutes , and it was perfect. Very nice. Very chewy.


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