Posted by: Jonjon | July 21, 2009

Asian – Sweet Sour Chinese Cabbage 糖醋白菜 9/10 March 6 2009



主料:白菜1000 克,———–à500          best

白糖120 克——————–à30best

,160 克,——————–à45-60best

干辣椒5 克,               —à1g or just 2 chillies

10 克,姜丝30克,——-just spray salt on cabbage

花椒2 克,香油20 克。—-à1g

Ginger                          = 8g

Green Onion                             = 30g

Oyster sauce 15g ….put when frying the chinese cabbage




1.把白菜去掉外帮,洗净,直切成两半,再切成1.7 厘米长的段,然后
切成0.6 厘米宽的粗丝。

2.取一个盆,放一层白菜撒一层盐,然后拌调均匀,用。一个大盘盖严,腌渍3 小时后挤出水分,加入白糖、醋拌匀。


在菜上,用大盘扣住,浸2 小时即可食用


I changed the above recipe to suit my taste.

The instructions were kinda stupid. I followed the first two steps. But the last 2 seemed ridiculous, so this is what I did. First heat the Sichuan peppers and sesame oil. I couldn’t get it to yellow, and it didn’t sizzle at high heat, it was pretty high heat because steam was coming out from the oil. So after 5 minutes, I just tossed most Sichuan peppers out and then put in chives garlic and dry chillies. I used the prescribed amount of dried chillies, and it turned out TOOOOO HOT. So I had to remove them and put more cabbage in. As a result, the cabbage that I put in I did not marinade in salt and squeeze water out, and so I got soo much fluid in the pan I had to add more vinegar and dump the liquid etc, but thankfully that decreased the hotness somewhat.

Anyways, it tasted nice. Too much ginger so I will adjust that next time. Tasted like the real thing.


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