Posted by: Jonjon | July 21, 2009

Asian – Purple Glutinous Rice Pudding 8.5/10 June 3 2009


30% purple glutinous rice, 66% sugar, 88% coconut milk, 53% cornflour, 8% tapioca pearl,

材料 :

黑糯米 120 克                       30g

水 1500 ml                              375ml

砂糖 300 克                           75ml

椰汁 400 ml                            100ml

粟粉 240 克                           60ml

清水 450 ml                            112ml

西米 10 2g


1. 黑糯米洗淨用 1500 ml 水浸過夜.

2. 西米用滾水6 6 至表面透明, 瀝乾水備用

3. 黑糯米連水煮至爆開

4. 椰汁加粟粉拌勻備用

5. 糖加清水煮溶加入西米,再加入3

6. 4 慢慢加入2中快手攪成糊狀

7. 倒入模中鋪平待冷卻切件即成


This was quite good. The coconut milk I used was Chakao brand, and it was the best coconut milk that I have ever used so the pudding had a very fragrant coconut taste, and the purple glutinous rice added a chewy texture to the otherwise slightly gooey texture. The use of cornflour really created a gelatine like texture, but instead of thin, it was thick and kinda pasty. You didn’t need oil, because once this cools, it just kinda slips off the plate. By the way, I did not throw away the water used to boil the rice, because it didn’t say, and I think that was what you were supposed to do because I ended up with the right texture I think.


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