Posted by: Jonjon | July 21, 2009

Asian – 3 cups chicken 3杯雞 Asian – 3 cups chicken 8/10 June 30 2009



雞胸肉 4塊

薑 10片                      Increase 100%

蒜 10粒                      Increase 100%

辣椒 1枝                    Increase 100%

九層塔 1把

麻油 3大匙                Increase 30%


醬油 1杯                    Decrease 30%

酒 1 杯                        Decrease 30%

糖 2 大匙


1. 厚鍋內放麻油加熱,放入薑片、蒜片 、辣椒爆香

2. 倒入雞肉拌炒數下,再倒入預先拌勻的調味料以中火燒開

3. 改用小火燜煮至湯汁稍收乾, 然後放入九層塔燜下即可


It was flavorful, but a bit salty. I added two chilli padis, and umm,  yeah could have increased the sesame oil by 40%, and decreased the soy sauce and wine by 20%, and add about 3/10 water to 10/10 soy sauce. Umm, I added quite a lot of stuff. Two potatoes, one butternut, two huge mushrooms, one zuchinni, a handful of sprouts, and there was still plenty of sauce.


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