Posted by: Jonjon | July 20, 2009

Pizza Dough – Got it from a Chinese website 9/10 for texture, 7.6/10 for taste July 17 2009


69% water, 1.8% salt, 0.5% yeast, just knead until smooth, –à room 30 minutes, low ferment 8 hours

中筋麵粉                                            100%             200g

(我用King Arthur all-purpose flour)

水 (華式65度,攝式18度)                      69%                                140g

鹽                                                    1.8%       3.6g     1/2tsp

酵母  (instant yeast)                          0.5%               1g


不需要攪拌器 因為這些麫糰 都不需要揉到麫筋完全

擴展的程度 只要麵糰柔軟 不黏手 光滑就可以了


這個配方是我經常使用 非常簡單

麵糰室溫發半小時 再放冷藏八小時就可以用 做之前

一個半小時前先拿到室溫 才整型 我通常這時把多餘

的麵糰 分包冷凍 以後想吃 事先退凍 很方便

通常我家一大 一小兩人吃 我用約250-300公克

麵糰 可做成8,9英吋的披薩 每人食量不同

pizza peel 推進華氏500 (260C)度預熱半小時以上的

石板 再以華氏420   (215C) 度烤約十二分或到金黃色


Out of all the western doughs that I have tried, this one would have to be the best, umm not to be racist or anything. With the western pizza doughs that I’ve tried, they were very nice, but always ending up a bit too chewy. This one however was very easy to make, and did not bloat up as much as the other ones because it had less gluten development due to the non kneading at the start. Umm, I made the pizza dough quite thin, and for the first time I actually got a crunchy pizza crust….on a parchment sheet (baking tray). The pizza stone that I have… pretty useless really. I get the same amount of crunch on the parchment sheet as on the pizza stone. Trying to put a pizza on a pizza stone is difficult…not to mention hygiene problems with an unclean pizza stone. I noticed that by keeping the dough a bit wet, you can just add more flour and stretch it thinly. I’ve worked with dried pizza doughs before which didn’t require much flour, but they came out quite dry. But this recipe however did not produce a dry dough, the dough was crunchy at the same time quite moist, with the skin giving off a slightly fermented alcoholic tone.


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