Posted by: Jonjon | July 20, 2009

Asian Noodles – Lake Noodles河粉皮 8.5/10 March 5 2009

20% tapioca flour, 20% corn flour, 258% water to rice flour





油10g. (Don’t use this)




Don’t add the oil! The oil will not emulsify, and it will separate from the liquid giving the lake noodles a VERY VERY Oily taste. Anywyas, this worked I guess. What you ended up was quite chewy and a bit stretchy. It was done in a minute, but I’m sure it needed to be cooked too. I did one batch in 2 minutes and one in 3 minutes. Not much difference. The texture was good. The water to flour proportion was quite good in achieving a noodle consistency, unlike the previous ones where you get really watered down ones, and after steaming for even 3 minutes they still leave starchy sticky things on top.


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