Posted by: Jonjon | July 20, 2009

Asian – Wonton with red sauce With Sauce 紅油抄手 9/10 February 25 2009


Dough – Just use egg dough for fettucini/ravioli I guess

原料/调料] 醬油 1大匙

紅油 1大匙

柴魚味精或味精 1/2小匙

香油 少許

花椒粉 少許

蔥末 1小匙

蒜末 1/2小匙

香菜末 1小匙

豆芽菜 1把(以手掌抓一把為準)

[制作流程] (1)先在碗裡放入醬油、花椒粉、蒜末和柴魚味精,輕輕調勻。接著將用水煮熟的餛飩放入碗中,再撒上蔥末、香菜末和微燙過的豆芽菜,吃之前淋上紅油和香油,就是香噴噴的紅油抄手啦!



My mum didn’t like it, although I did. I used like 12 花椒 kernels grinded, and used more soy sauce than called for because it wasn’t salty enough and I didn’t want to use msg. Umm and as I didn’t have red oil, I used chilli oil, which was red, but it wasn’t that hot so I added some chilli powder. Anyways, it was very flavorsome, because I added 2x as much as sesame oil and it worked perfectly with the wontons.


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