Posted by: Jonjon | July 20, 2009

Asian – White Sugar Cake 2白糖糕 9/10 April 17 2009

材料: (8 件)

A粘米粉         150g                            75g

水                    300g                            150g

B砂糖 150g                                        75g

C即溶酵母 3g (3/4 茶匙)                             1.5g

泡打粉 2g (1/2 茶匙)                         ¼ teaspoon


1. 將材料A)用蛋拂拌勻至沒有粉粒成稀糊狀.

2. 將粉漿倒入小鍋內拌勻, 然後加入砂糖拌勻後才開爐火, 其間要不停用蛋拂打圈不停

去攪拌, 一見粉漿開始杰身及看似有結塊的情況下就先行關掉爐火, 繼續用蛋拂快手

攪至沒有粉粒成杰身糊狀後, 可以再用細的爐火煮1-2 分鐘後熄火放涼10-15 分鐘.

(如果想麵糊滑身D, 可以用篩過爈一次. 然後將麵糊改放另一新碗內放涼)

3. 麵糊放涼後, 將材料C)加入拌勻. 蓋上保鮮紙存放在不通風地方發酵約8 小時

(視天氣而定, 天氣冷可能要多1-2 小時).

4. 將巳發好的麵糊倒入巳掃油的方形或長形的蒸盤內, 用大火蒸約20-25 分鐘至熟即可.


如果麵糊攪拌得好, 基本上就不用再將麵糊過篩 !

蛋拂在這裡的功效都好大, 日常製作蛋糕及甜品都用得著, 所以買一個幫下手, 成功機會

多好多架 !


This was very good, it worked. The first time I did it, I cooked it to the texture of like very lumpy very thick texture. After steaming, ….it didn’t rise, ….and it was still as lumpy but had a good taste but bad texture. However, the second time when I did it right, I cooked at low heat..tthen turning to medium for like 15 minutes….stirring constantly until the texture was thick but not lumpy, i.e ..just thick enough when you can see the liquid separating from each other when you brushed through the liquid. After fermenting for 9 hours, …umm……seemed like nothing happened. There was frothing on the top, and after pouring it into a steaming vessel, …the bottom had a bit of lattice texture but the rest was liquid. So the batter was a bit of a liquid. But after steaming, it steamed up to a cake!. It was a bit solid when you cut it whilst they are hot. After cooling, it was very chewy, like the perfect white sugar cake.


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