Posted by: Jonjon | July 20, 2009

Asian – Rice Drink 香濃米漿 9/10 February 22 2009


花生米150g other people call for 300g but without sesame seeds, usually peanut Is one cup to one cup rice





1. 將花生米放入炒鍋以小火乾炒,炒至金黃

2. 白芝麻亦入鍋炒香


3. 米洗淨以後泡三杯水


4. 將所有材料放入果汁機攪打,攪得越細越好

5. 鍋中先燒開約3000cc的水(我只用了2000cc)

6. 將攪細的生米漿放入鍋中,開中火邊攪拌,過於濃稠時可加入"開水",繼續攪拌,再煮沸騰即可

7. 沸騰時先關火,加入糖調味後,再煮沸騰後就完成了


I really liked this drink, I don’t know why my mum didn’t. Anyways, I didn’t fry the peanuts because I didn’t know they were raw, but the end drink tasted nice anyways. I used 100g of peanuts, and 30g of sesame seeds and half cup of rice. For the water, I just kept adding it until it came to the thickness that I liked. My mum and bro didn’t like it, but I liked it. It could have been better I know, but I thought it was pretty good already.

Made like a huge pot of it. With half a cup, you can actually fill like a huge pot…and make like a litre and a half of this drink without diluting it too much.


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