Posted by: Jonjon | July 20, 2009

Asian – Red Bean Cake, 9/10 but kinda hard to digest and stiffens when cools June 8 2009

100% glutinous rice, 100% red bean, 16% sugar, 16% hot water



圓糯米…………600 150g

蓬萊米…………600 150g

蜜紅豆……500~600 150g

細白砂糖………100 25g

熱水……………100 25g


1) 兩種米一起泡水1小時,瀝乾,約變成1800克。(45)g

2) 打成潮粉。試用手搓,不覺得有砂粒狀即可。家用調理機可能無法打得像市售水磨粉那麼細,幸好做鬆糕的粉有一點點粗糙還可以。

3) 潮粉放大盆裡,糖加熱水攪拌溶化,倒入潮粉中,用雙手翻搓到完全均勻,鬆鬆的沒有結塊。

4) 放置醒1小時以上,讓粉料均質。

5) 蒸鍋裝半鍋水燒開。蒸籠布打溼再扭乾,鋪在蒸籠裡,架在蒸鍋上。

6) 把醒過的潮粉加蜜紅豆粒略拌,慢慢撒在蒸籠裡,邊灑邊蒸。

7) 撒完後蓋上鍋蓋,繼續用大火蒸15分鐘即熟。

8) 整籠倒扣在乾蒸籠布上。

9) 稍涼後即可反扣回正面,切塊食用。微溫時最好吃,如果冰過就要再蒸過才能食用。







小紅豆………200 100g

黃砂糖………100 50g


1) 紅豆略洗,泡水一夜。水量要高過紅豆幾公分,免得紅豆吸不到足夠的水分而無法泡軟,但水量也不要過多,以免煮前需倒掉一些,紅豆的顏色會隨之流失。

2) 以小火煮30分鐘至熟而不裂;加糖,輕輕攪拌使糖溶化,煮到水分很少即可熄火,蓋上鍋蓋燜數小時讓甜味進入紅豆中。煮時要視水分調節火力,若水分少而火力強,會燒焦,若是相反則要花很多時間才能收乾。


Took a bit of time to make, because my food processor seemed like as if it was about to break when it tried to grind the rice particles down. I could not get them into a powder form, only like coarse little rock forms. Btw, though it seemed dry, you shouldn’t have put water, because then it started sticking together making it even harder for it to be grinded down. I added a bit more water than I was supposed to because I thought it was a bit too dry, and after soaking, the weight of the whole thing was about 20% less than what the instructions said I should have. Anyways, I steamed 10 minutes more than the prescribed time, because I didn’t want it to create even more of an indigestibility from uncooked glutinous rice. Umm, I put 10% more sugar, and it ended up not sweet at all. The sweetness was just about right, which was really subtle, because the fragrance of the glutinous rice really was already enough.


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