Posted by: Jonjon | July 20, 2009

Asian – Pancake – Normal Pancake for Peking Duck 單餅 9/10 February 18 2009


92.5% boiling water, bit of salt, to all purpose flour

單餅 20張


中筋麵粉400克                                                        100g

鹽1/2小匙                             3g                                1/8 teaspoon

滾水370克                                                                92.5g



1)    麵粉及鹽放盆中,把滾水沖入,用筷子攪拌一陣子使之散熱。

2)    工作枱上和手上都抺點沙拉油,把麵糰刮到工作枱上,用手揉均勻,搓長,切成20份。

3)    手再抺油,把小麵糰一一滾圓、壓扁,在兩個中間塗點油,疊起來,擀成約18公分的圓薄片。

4)    平底鍋或炒菜鍋燒熱,把餅放上去用中火烙,烙到變色即可翻面,再烙一下至中間鼓起即可(如下圖)。

5)    撕開成兩張,排在盤中。



This was easy and it worked. It was as chewy as the egg pancake, and apparently this had less water ratio to flour. Umm, in terms of saltiness it wasn’t as salty as the egg pancake even though it used the same amount as salt, so hmm. Anyways, this had the traditional floury flavor which makes great for putting fillings in. You can make it extra thin, but quickly peel the second layer off before it gets cold because then it’ll get stuck.

By the way, the dough was sticky, even after one hour. I just added oil instead of more flour to it, and rolled it out. I found it better to actually make a small circle, then layer them together then roll it out to a bigger circle. But I think this increases the chance of them sticking together because you end up using less oil.


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