Posted by: Jonjon | July 20, 2009

Asian – Bread – Bouncy Sweet Bread 彈彈連環圖 7.5/10

June 22 2009


I had to add a bit more flour. But it was watery..and remained watery until the 9th minute of kneading it in the mixer. It started to form a lot of gluten and stuck less to the side of the mixer, and the more I scraped it the less it stuck to the walls of the mixer.

It was a bit moist after coming out of the oven.

But…….after it cooled, it was light, and bouncy, with the crust tasting quite sweet. But a bit tasteless, actually, it was tasteful, but …quite plain….texture excellent though.

4.5% fresh yeast, or 1.5% instant yeast , 7.5% sugar, 1% salt, 80% liquid (21% milk, 79% water) 6% butter to ((10% cake flour 90% high grade flour)

Apparently this will be very very wet



高筋粉 264g                                   132g

低筋粉 66g                                     33g

新鮮酵母 15g         5 instant          2.5g

25g                                              12.5g

3g                                                1.5g

216g                                            108g

牛奶 50g                                         25g

牛油 20g                                         10g


1. 所有材料用機打至不黏盤邊

2. 把麵團刮進MIXING BOWL,發酵30分鐘

3. 翻麵.用膠刮把麵團外圍黏起,拉往中央,使麵團排氣和縮小,繼續發酵30分鐘

4. 把麵團分成3,輕手拉長,捲成3(手粉不可少,小心不要弄破麵團,就較不會黏)

5. 鬆弛10分鐘

6. 吊起麵團的一端讓它拉長,捲成卷狀,入模

7. 發酵至八成滿,約25分鐘

8. 190度焗35分鐘


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