Posted by: Jonjon | July 17, 2009

Wise One and Kyle on Learnings

Wise One and Kyle on Learnings

July 17 2009


Kyle “Umm, how do I get people to move forward?”
Wise One “Haha…you should worry about yourself”
Kyle “I do, but I still like to help”
Wise One “You can’t change a person. In fact, the more you say to them, the more they have a tendancy to run away”
Kyle “So I just do nothing?”
Wise One “You don’t try to change a person. You try to influence them. Because the only way to change them is if they decide to change. Lets put it more …simply….is if they think they are the one who is making the decision to change”
Kyle “So…you mean….I should make them think that they are the one making the decision to change rather than me trying to change them?”
Wise One “Yes”
Kyle “You are so confusing me”
Wise One “Well, we are in the ….Kali Yuga period at the moment, the period where spirituality is the thing people worry less about. There are too many distractions at the moment, so I wouldn’t be suprised if people are trying to ignore you”
Kyle “Kala yuga what!?”
Wise One “Well….. You see. We go through 4 periods . This periodwe are in is the Kali Yuga and lasts about 400000 years, We’re nearly at the 5000th year. After we’ve been through the next 395000 years, we’ll go into the next period, then the next, and then the next, in a circle”
Kyle “ mean like….forever…what?
Wise One “Forever….from your perspective, but from ours, there’s no time here”
Kyle “……I don’t feel so well…you are confusing me…why are we going in circles?”
Wise One “….well……difficult to describe. The reason why there is no time over here is because time over here is in a circle…if your brain can comprehend, so to us it is only natural for this cycle to appear like this…..”
Kyle “…Okay….I still don’t understand sorry….feel a bit sad at hearing this anyways”
Wise One “There is no need to be sad, why are you sad?”
Kyle “I don’t know…I guess I’m just confused…seems like a long time”


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