Posted by: Jonjon | July 17, 2009

Teacher and Kyle on Learnings

Teacher and Kyle on Learnings

July 17 2009


Kyle “…5 more days before you next rent….I don’t have any money to support you anymore, so..yeah….I don’t know how I’d be able to support you even further”
Teacher “Don’t worry, I appreciated the help. Things will work out anyways..I’m just been put through the test of trust that’s all”
Kyle “Trusting that everything will work out by doing nothing?”
Teacher “yes”
Kyle “But I thought you were being tested because you were impatient”
Teacher “Haha that too”
Kyle “Wow…you’ve never admitted that you were impatient before. Whats with you today, feeling a bit human?”
Teacher “….No…you are impatient too”
Kyle “… like comparing yourself to me don’t you?”
Teacher “No I don’t!”
Kyle “..Hmm, haha this is more like you…like an emotional woman”
Teacher “Whatever…I’ve been through more difficult times than you so I don’t see the point of comparing myself to you”
Kyle “You are still comparing yourself to me!! It’s not fair. Difficulty is an internal thing, not an external thing. People react differently to different situations. Just because I haven’t been in seemingly difficult situations, doesn’t mean that I have not encountered emotionally difficult situations that id not appear difficult if you get what I mean”
Teacher “Yea I understand…”
Kyle “So you agree?”
Teacher “That’s what I’ve been saying to you all along. You do not need to fly overseas to Tibet, or to India to deal with your learnings. The learnings you carry will always be with you, no matter where you are, so it’s an internal thing”
Kyle “…how come I always get the feeling that we always share the same ideas, yet you always criticise me for being stupid”
Teacher “I don’t, you are just thinking too much”
Kyle “…anyways,”
Teacher “Yeah anyways, that’s why I got you to do yoga and meditation. You see, each part of our body, or to put it more precisely, each cell of your body represent a certain learning that you carry. That is why you have to work on healing your body, and by healing your body, then you can heal your learning”
Kyle “But I thought you have to heal your emotions too?”
Teacher “Yeah you have to do that too. Anyways..I had a meditation teacher once. Running was his way of doing yoga, but in the end his knee became crippled because of too much running. You see, any form of physical excercise will help your learning if done the right way and in the moderate way. That is why yoga is the safest out of all the sports. Running puts too much strain on your joints. Haha it’s funny too, his students thought that his knee became crippled because he took the karma of his students hahaha”
Kyle “…Okay….so you don’t just heal your mind, you heal your body too, in order to heal your learnings”
Teacher “Most people miss the physical part. We are in physicality at the moment, so we must attend to the body. Most people ignore this vital fact, and think that they can finish their path by just working on the mind. That is why monks always have physical regimes in their daily schedules”
Kyle “What? They actually do physical work? I thought they just sit there and meditate all day”
Teacher “Haha they don’t. You haven’t see the monks that were paid to fight in wars, those mercenary monks…woo they are quite strong”
Kyle “WHAT??? I Thought you are not supposed to kill in Buddhism????? First you tell me that some Buddhists eat meat, and now you tell me that they kill people?”
Teacher “Umm I didn’t say it like that. There are many different sects in Buddhism, as there are many different groups of people in the same race. I don’t judge them anyways.”
Kyle “Hmmmm…”


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