Posted by: Jonjon | July 17, 2009

Kyle and Wise One on Trust

Kyle and Wise One on Trust

July 17 2009


Kyle “What is trust?”
Wise One “It is about trusting yourself”
Kyle “But I do trust myself”
Wise One “Energetically…you don’t unfortunately”
Kyle “What?!”
Wise One “Trusting doubt is not trusting really is it?”
Kyle “…Hmm…… I don’t know what you are talking about… Do I trust my mind? Or my heart? or my feelings? or intuition? I don’t understand…”
Wise One “Let me simplify this for you. From our perspective, your intuition is a channel for your soul to connect with you. Whenever you have negative emotions such as fear, doubt, impatience and so fourth, you end up creating a wall between you and your soul. If there is a wall between you and your soul, you can no longer trust yourself….do you understand?…because there is nothing but doubt to trust.”
Kyle “…woah…that is complicated….please simplify it even more for me….so I should trust my intuition instead of all other things?”
Wise One “Hmm. Trusting your heart is the same as your intuition. From our perspective, this is basically the same thing.”
Kyle “Could…you simplify it even more?”
Wise One “Trust your feelings. No matter what.”
Kyle “…so….if I start to fear…I should trust that fear?…but I thought we are not supposed to be in fear…”
Wise One “Fear is produced by the mind….not by the heart. The more you think, the more fear you have. But the more you trust your feelings, the less fear you will have…don’t you think?”
Kyle “…Yes…..that makes sense..umm…Hmm… But in practice….when I get into a unfamiliar situation, I always get very nervous and fear comes up. How do I stop this?”
Wise One “Then you trust yourself. Fear comes up because you start to think, and as you think, you start worry, and as you start to worry, you start to imagine things that might happen or not happen. But, if you just trust your feelings, …you wouldn’t have to go through all that process would you?….there’d be no you’d feel no fear”
Kyle “Yes”
Wise One “I’m sure you have come across many situations where your heart wanted you to do or say something. But because you waited, you allowed your mind to start thinking, and in the end fear stopped you from doing the thing that you wanted. That is why you need to learn to be decisive. Do what you want, and stick with it. If you don’t, then fear will come creeping back up, because you start doubting yourself as to if you are doing the right thing.”
Kyle ….but it’s hard to distinguish them both..which one is the mind and which one is the heart”
Wise One “That is why you have to learn to trust yourself. The more you trust yourself, the more you realise about who you are, rather than, who you think you are, or are not. Your ego likes to play games with you you see, it was designed that way”
Kyle “I think I get it now. Thinking is the mind. Feeling is the heart and intuition. I should learn how to trust my feeling, instead of wasting time doubting about myself.”
Wise One “Yes”
Kyle “It sounds so simple…yet…so complex…how do I know if I’m doing it right?”
Wise One “With practice”
Kyle “What if I keep doing it wrong?”
Wise One “Haha, you really have a tendancy to doubt yourself don’t you. You see, people have regrets, mainly because they don’t follow their feelings, and instead doing something else instead.
Say for example, if you are presented with a situation where you had to either give all your money away to a rich man, a poor man, or a middle class man, do you know what is the right thing to do?”
Kyle “…well…depends on the situation…and how I feel about each if I have a connection or ..hmm.”
Wise One “Exactly. The right answer does not lie outside of you. It always lies inside of you. You feel what is right on the spot. The right answer is always the answer that your heart can be at peace with don’t you agree? That is why you need to learn to feel”
Kyle “…Ahhhhh I get it now”
Wise One “You can’t just think it is right. It is only right, when you feel it is right. That is why you need to trust yourself. And that is trust. Have you not heard St. Germaine say breath and trust is all you need?”
Kyle “Umm….are you talking about a person or a church?”
Wise One “Haha, you’ll understand one day”
Kyle “I do understand I think. I’m on the heart path aren’t I….and if I follow my heart …I’ll end up in the right place..but if I don’t breath….I’ll”
Wise One “You’ll end up here quite earlier than we expect haha”
Kyle “haha yeah..I guess.
Wise One “You need to be alive in order to deal with your learnings. Breath, and be present. Only by being present, then you can feel, instead of worry, don’t you think?”
Kyle “Wooo…..that’s deep. You try too hard to impress me sometimes don’t you think “
Wise One “…..”

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