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Kyle and Teacher on Teaching

Kyle and Teacher on Teaching

July 17 2009

Kyle “are you alright with the rent?”
Teacher “Nope…not really. No money at the moment, don’t know how I’m going to get by next week””
Kyle “No one helping you still?”
Teacher “Nope.”
Kyle “Have you asked for help?”
Teacher “Nope”
Kyle “Why not”
Teacher “I’m told to stay put, apparently help will arrive”
Kyle “But that’s been me for the past 5 weeks, I’ve basically been paying for your rent”
Teacher “Haha yeah….well I don’t like it”
Kyle “..I’m fine with it, but I still don’t see the learning in this”
Teacher “It’s just a testing period, I’ll get through it”
Kyle “Umm yeah, but ….at my own expense”
Teacher “Haha yeah……I feel ..hmm……guilty”
Kyle “You do!??? Jesus…that’s the first time you’ve felt guilty”
Teacher “I feel guilty about alot of things…”

Kyle and Wise One on Teaching

Kyle “Hey….whats going on during this period?”
Wise One “Something”
Kyle “…No…there’s nothing going on…”
Wise One “Nothing is something isn’t it?”
Kyle “…. This is such a strange period. The other 5 students have been scared off by teacher, and now there is only me and my him,… stranded here. Just basically waiting…for something to happen”
Wise One “Yes…you two are been made to wait, which is a good thing really”
Kyle “Why are we waiting…and what are we waiting for?”
Wise One “. The longer you wait, the more introspective you will become. Do not waste this opportunity….use it wisely and allow all the emotions to catch up to you. We planned this in order to bring both of your learnings up. You see, both of you are like cars built with no breaks.”
Kyle “What do you mean…that I’m impatient? …I’m not impatient…my teacher is”
Wise One “In your language, you may not be, but in our language, we say that you are impatient. when you carry impatience”
Kyle “I do?”
Wise One “Yes…it’s within you I’m afraid.”
Kyle “….”
Wise One “Well, ….It’s pretty hard for you to experience impatience when you constantly run away from it don’t you think?”
Kyle “What do you mean? I don’t run away from it. People always tell me that I’m the most patient guy in the whole world”
Wise One “You may be patient with other people…but most of the time you are not patient with yourself……and there are still many situations that you will need to go through in order for this particular learning to surface…”
Kyle “….we’re just going in circles here….I’d like a direct answer….tell me when I’m impatient for example..”
Wise One “I’m not here to judge. But I can tell you this. There is a difference between actions and emotions. You may be good at waiting for your friend who is 10 minutes late, or 30 minutes late. But it’s not so much as to what you are doing when you are waiting…, but it’s more as to…how you feel when you wait. You usually suffer when you wait for people who are late……”
Kyle “..Ahh….but …isn’t it like that with everyone?”
Wise One “Not for people who are patient”
Kyle “Do these people exist?”
Wise One “Haha…very few I’m afraid”
Kyle “Hmm….this one I have to think about. But why during this period do I have to keep giving money to my teacher? I am officially broke, with no cash. I just don’t see ..the point of me having to lose all my money to support him”
Wise One “It will help both of you two to move forward. You think your teacher is arrogant yes?”
Kyle “Yes”
Wise One “You think he looks down on people yes?”
Kyle “Definitely yes……especially me for some reason”
Wise One “That’s why the elders have picked you to be the one for him to turn to for help. You see, although he does acknowledge that he has some weaknesses, but I’m sure that you know very well that he has a tendancy to hide them, and show to you that he is invincible. That is why we have forced him to ask help, especially from you, in order for him to realise that he too is human. By doing this, he will be able to ….feel….that it is only natural for people to ask for help….rather than always looking down at others because they are not on the same path as he is”
Kyle “..Ohh….but ..hmm..whats in it for me? Not that I care…just curious..because he said the whole thing was to push me forward”
Wise One “..Trust and acceptance”
Kyle “What do you mean?”
Wise One “You don’t really like your teacher do you?”
Kyle “Not really….he’s always criticising me…unfairly”
Wise One “That’s why we picked him. You see, there was doubt within you as to whether or not you would stick to this particular teacher. In your past life, you’ve ran away from him because of his imperfections. This life, you are given a chance to reconnect with him. If you are able to turn your judgement against him into love by supporting him during this period, a lot of the learning of judgement will be released from your soul”
Kyle “Really?…..but ….now after I hear this from you, I’m not sure whether I am helping him for my own benefit or am I doing it to sincerely help him”
Wise One “You’d forget this conversation when you wake up anyways so you do not need to worry”
Kyle “Ohh…haha….forgot about that. That is acceptance, but you did say that the other one was about… trust…are you saying that I have to work on trusting him?”
Wise One “That is not even half of it. You have to learn how to trust yourself”
Kyle “…”
Wise One “You see. When you are been presented with a teacher that you don’t like, two things happen. First, your heart will tell you whether or not this is the right teacher for you. Second, your mind will tell you something else. During this period, it is up to you to choose which side you would want to be on.”
Kyle “I will follow my heart”
Wise One “Yes, every time you give him love, hmm…this time being in the form of a payment..unfortunately haha…, you are not only trusting him, but you are also trusting yourself that you are doing the right thing. Following your heart, is trust. “
Kyle “..yeah…that makes sense…but I’m am I supposed to support him next week?”
Wise One “Just wait…something will happen”
Kyle “Really? ….At first I was waiting to see what kind of miracle will happen when my teacher told me that he was broke, and just by waiting he will get money. But in the end …I ended up being the one supporting him!!”
Wise One “haha yeah….anticlimax wasn’t it?”
Kyle “Yeah…certainly was..”


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