Posted by: Jonjon | July 5, 2009

Kyle and Wise One on Taking Steps

Kyle and Wise One on Taking Steps

July 5 2009

Kyle “That talk last night with my teacher got me concerned”
Wise One “mm”
Kyle “It’s like he’s trying to provoke me to take my next step when I’m not ready”
Wise One “mm”
Kyle “…why would he do that?? Unless it was to compare me to him”
Wise One “mmm”
Kyle “Hello? why aren’t you answering?”
Wise One “There’s no need…you’ve already answered the questions”
Kyle “I did??”
Wise One “You are right. But you think you are not, because you have self-doubt”
Kyle “…yeah…I do doubt myself. But I don’t have any abilities like my teacher? How can I ever know if I am right or not? Everytime I’m around him he’s always telling me that I’m wrong, then later I find out that I’m right”
Wise One “Being with him brings that particular learning up. It just to show you how much self-doubt you have. Unfortunately, the only way to get you to see it is to make you angry, angry enough to believe in yourself”
Kyle “What? So all this time he’s been helping me?”
Wise One “Haha…no …not deliberately. But the elders put you two together in order to help you both. You see, it’s his personality that will help you bring your learnings out, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to change yourself for the better”
Kyle “But it’s hard……….when I talk to him, I feel like he’s right all the time because he has abilities that I don’t ……so how am I suppose to learn how to trust myself if he tells me that I am wrong all the time?”
Wise One “Why don’t you learn to trust yourself more than him next time?”
Kyle “I can do that??…but he’s my teacher…he’s supposed to know more than me…”
Wise One “You have an ability, or a gift, like everyone else. There’s no need to rely on him for answers”
Kyle “..what is it?
Wise One “Your intuition”
Kyle “My intuition?”
Wise One “Yes… usually deactivate it when you doubt yourself.”
Kyle “My intuition? Is that even a gift? I thought that was a personality”
Wise One “Well….if you feel the need to distinguish… Thought is personality, but intuition is a gift, an ability to commune with god”
Kyle “…intuition?”
Wise One “Intuition is a feeling. How do you feel if you moved out now?”
Kyle “…I’d feel …it’s just not right……but maybe it’s fear?”
Wise One “You see, you know that it is not the right time to take the next step yet. But you know what the next step is, so just take your time. And no…it’s not fear. Do you have fear in moving out? I don’t think so”
Kyle “What if I am late? Teacher said that every one of my steps is set on the blueprint…..I might be late…or too early if I move out”
Wise One “But nothing is set in stone. You can take your time if you want. You already know the answers to why you should not step out right now”
Kyle “Because I am not ready”
Wise One “Yes. You are worried because you have self-doubt. You also have impatience, so that’s why you need to stay at home during this period to ground yourself. To center yourself, to know who you really are. By doing this, you will be able to prevent your learnings from deactivating your intuition. When you leave home, you intuition will be your map. You don’t want to wonder out to nowhere without a map don’t you agree?”
Kyle “So I’ve made the right choice then”
Wise One “Yes”
Kyle “But if I am by myself…..I mean if I trust myself, then who will tell me what my next step is ?”
Wise One “The next step will only become apparent after taking your first one”
Kyle “Really? I hope it’s like you say. So I don’t really have to have a teacher?”
Wise One “Yes and no. Everyone around you is your teacher, so if you redirect your energy right, you will be able to learn from everyone around you. But your blueprint was designed so you’ll have your very own teacher, so he could bring out your learnings in a short amount of time. But even if someone claims to be your teacher, always go towards your learnings at your own pace. Even if a famous fortune teller tells you your luck is bad the next day, always come back to your own intuition. Never follow the intuition of someone else’s.
Kyle “……..I see…yeah..that makes sense”
Wise One “Only you, yourself, can find the truth”
Kyle “..yeah..but why?”
Wise One “Because only you can decide what is true and what is not….don’t you agree?”
Kyle “..umm…..hmm…ahh……”
Wise One “trust yourself”


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