Posted by: Jonjon | July 5, 2009

Kyle and Wise One on Judgement

Kyle and Wise One on Judgement

July 5 2009


Kyle “How come teacher always have to be fighting with people all the time? Why does he always feel the need to win? I thought teachers are supposed to be compassionate, but he scared his students away because of his judgement and impatience….sometimes I just don’t understand why he is like that”
Wise One “Don’t you think you are judging?”
Kyle “I am….but”
Wise One “Haha, the elders really chose the right teacher for you”
Kyle “…”
Wise One “Don’t be offended. Everyone is made equal. It’s because you decided to carry a huge chunk of judgement learning to this life, that is why the elders gave you a teacher with the equal amount of judgement learning and impatience”
Kyle “WHAT!? I’m not as judgemental as him!! and certainly not as impatient!!”
Wise One “Well, your personality may not be. But you do carry quite a bit.
Don’t you feel angry when he is judging people? Don’t you feel bad when his impatience gets himself and everyone else in trouble?”
Kyle “YES I DO…that’s why I don’t do it!!”
Wise One “You see. It’s hard for you to see that you carry both impatience and judgement because you are not facing many situations at the moment.
Sometimes it takes a few situations and time to get it out of you. It probably would come out right away if you were in a relationship, but with you, you have a tendancy to reject people from coming into your life.
Kyle “Umm hmm yea”
Wise One “But the relationship you have your teacher will bring out these learnings in an indirect way. It will allow you to see how un-loving these learnings are, and instead of unleashing your reactions at people when these learnings surface, you will be able to become “aware” that these emotions are actually hurting you and other people”
Kyle “Yeah….I think I am judging him…….but ….sometimes it’s just hard to …you know….imagine having to stick around someone who constantly abuse you”
Wise One “Turn your judgement into love. There’s no need to judge. Everytime you do that, your heart will open bit by bit”
Kyle “Oh…I’ve tried, so many times..but the same emotions always come back”
Wise One “Don’t you agree that everytime when you have that particular reaction, the strength of it becomes less and less?”
Kyle “…..Yes”
Wise One “You see, at moment that you decided to become “Aware” of the problems you have, the less strength the reactions will have on controlling you everytime it comes around”
Kyle “Really?”
Wise One “It takes time to love someone, but a few seconds to hate someone don’t you agree?”
Kyle “Haha yeah..hmm”
Wise One “Only if you could redirect the energy, it will be most beneficial to you”
Kyle “What do you mean?”
Wise One “You see, when you judge people, you are really trying to get your head around why their personality could be like this or that, or what their personality is like. But do you know what your main purpose on this path is?”
Kyle “Towards happiness? Oh I mean….Towards love?”
Wise One “And how do we reach there?”
Kyle “By loving others?”
Wise One “Umm…haha….”
Kyle “Oh I mean by loving ourselves?”
Wise One “Yes, only by loving yourself first, then you will have love to share”
Kyle “Yes”
Wise One “And how do we love ourselves?”
Kyle “…Many ways”
Wise One “.haha yes. But you have to discover who you are first”
Kyle “..oh yea”
Wise One “You see. Instead of wasting all your time trying to discover other people’s personalities…why don’t you use that time to discover who you really are?”
Kyle “…Yes that makes sense”
Wise One “Yes it does”
Kyle “…but don’t you think it’s kinda hard…to love someone who hurts you?”
Wise One “Don’t you think it’s harder …emotionally, to hate someone instead? If a relationship is suffering, there’s no need to stay. But if you have no choice, then love instead of hate. Do not be concerned about the other people. Your teacher for instance….the elders will correct him for you if he is doing something wrong don’t you agree? I hear they like using sticks”
Kyle “Oh yeah….”
Wise One “There’s no need to judge people. Karma will always work its magic if someone needs to be corrected”
Kyle “You mean punished?”
Wise One “There’s no such thing as punishment”
Kyle “…that’s because you redefined it as “correcting people”
Wise One “Well….let me give you an example… Say if a robber think is right to steal from people. In his view, do you think he is being punished if his own karma brings him to a situation where someone steals from him? It shouldn’t be punishment for the robber if he thinks stealing from people is the right thing to do don’t you agree?
Kyle “..ohhh”
Wise One “We are just opening their eyes that’s all, let them see and decide what is right and wrong. We never try to force them, or punish them.”
Kyle “Well….from an outside perspective it’s kinda punishing…”
Wise One “Hahahaha…okay okay….maybe it is a little”
Kyle “Really??”
Wise One “Well it shouldn’t be for them if it is the way they choose to be. But from an outside perspective it always saddens me to see someone suffer. I see alot of pain and suffering in people who make the decision to suffer everyday. It’s more of people punishing themselves rather than the universe punishing them, if you really want to be precise”
Kyle “Ahhh okay, I can accept that”
Wise One “Oh right, stop holding your full bladder…don’t want you to wet your bed when you wake up”
Kyle “ can tell?”


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