Posted by: Jonjon | July 5, 2009

Kyle and Teacher on Learning

Kyle and Teacher on Learning

July 5 2009

Kyle “So it’s only me and you now?”
Teacher “What do you mean?”
Kyle “You’ve managed to scare all your students away”
Teacher “It wasn’t my fault. Anyways, you stayed here because you can’t go anywhere else anyways”
Kyle “I stayed here because I made a choice”
Teacher “Haha yeah whatever, you’ve always escaped the responsibility of making choices anyways”
Kyle “Why do you always have to talk as if you need to win all the time?”
Teacher “Haha I don’t try, I just win”
Kyle “It’s like you’re always needing to proof yourself or something”
Teacher “There’s nothing that I need to proof about myself….especially to someone like you…I just feel a bit alone because I have no one to speak to about the things that I do”
Kyle “What do you mean?”
Teacher “You won’t’re not at that level”
Kyle “…So…are we just going to stay here and wait for the students to come back ?”
Teacher “I’m not concerned about them, I’m more concerned about myself at the moment. I’m broke”
Kyle “Well, I don’t think you need to worry about that, I can always support you”
Teacher “Haha yeah”
Kyle “But not for long”
Teacher “It’s alright, I’ve been through similar situations, it’ll work out in the end”
Kyle “But this time at my expense right?”
Teacher “Haha…no…you’ll get your money back one way or another”
Kyle “It’s alright, I don’t expect my money back anyways”
Teacher “The elders are just putting me through tests…but I’ve always worked my way up to the top. I got a perfect score last time…but ah well, who cares about scores. Next week they’ll be raising the bars for me too haha”
Kyle “…It’s alright….you’ll manage I’m sure”
Teacher “When do you think you’ll be moving out? Isn’t that your next step?”
Kyle “There’s no need to at this point in time”
Teacher “There’s no challenge”
Kyle “…”
Teacher “Haha…there’s no challenge”
Kyle “What do you mean?”
Teacher “It’s not difficult, at home.”
Kyle “Are you comparing me to you?”
Teacher “No I’m just saying it’s not challenging where you are at the moment, you should come out and experience”
Kyle “It’s as challenging at home as outside”
Teacher “I beg to differ”
Kyle “You think it’s not difficult?”
Teacher “No I don’t”
Kyle “Did you not say that the universe will never give you something that you cannot handle?”
Teacher “I did”
Kyle “Don’t you agree that dealing with your learnings is more of an internal thing rather than an external thing? Just because I am at home, doesn’t mean that it is less difficult than as if I would be outside”
Teacher “errr……Well I said..challenging…I didn’t say difficult”
Kyle “But the way you put it is as if you were saying that it’s difficult. Doesn’t challenging imply difficult?”
Teacher “But that’s just arguing about semantics”
Kyle “…well…this discussion is pointless anyways, you just want to win again anyways”
Teacher “Haha no…it was you….so when do you think you will move out?”
Kyle “Well, anyways, it’d be easier for me if I moved out anyways, I enjoy being out rather than at home”
Teacher “I agree”
Kyle “I dunno, why did you bring the topic up…are you suggesting that I move out now ?”
Teacher “I never said that.”
Kyle “Can your abilities tell me when I have to move out?”
Teacher “Yes but I can’t make the choice for you so it’s up for you to decide”
Kyle “…but you wouldn’t brought this topic up if I was late in moving out?”
Teacher “….I’m just playing the devil’s advocate…asking you questions”
Kyle “…I don’t know, you’re getting me worried”
Teacher “That’s your self-doubt”
Kyle “…so when abouts should I move out…..I mean..the steps that we have to take in this lifetime…is it all in our blueprint?”
Teacher “yes”
Kyle “So you know when I should be moving out?”
Teacher “yes….but there’s no time set in the blueprint”
Kyle “So how do you know when I should be moving out if there’s no time set?”
Teacher “I just know”
Kyle “….err……..I don’t believe that…..”
Teacher “Yeah right.”


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