Posted by: Jonjon | June 30, 2009

Kyle and Wise one on Teacher

Kyle and Wise one on Teacher

June 30 2009

Kyle “ come ….teacher is so mean to me sometimes?”
Wise One “He is who he is”
Kyle “So he is not deliberately mean to me for some greater purpose like pushing me forward??”
Wise One “Nope..not really….he’s just who he is”
Kyle “…how come I ended up with this kind of teacher?”
Wise One “Because he’s the kind of person that you’d avoid”
Kyle “Why?”
Wise One “You see, it’s more about the “teacher” than the “teaching” itself”
Kyle “What do you mean?”
Wise One “Your teacher has a special energy, that brings out the learnings in other people”
Kyle “Energy???”
Wise One “Well, I guess you can call it “personality” in your language. He was chosen by us because his personality will naturally stir up emotions in a lot of people that come in contact with him.
Kyle “What? My mum stirs up emotions in me more than him…wouldn’t that make her a teacher?”
Wise One “Everyone around you is a teacher, especially your parents, that’s why you were incarnated into the same household with them in the first place. That’s why usually they are the hardest to be around. They are not strictly teachers, but they are your best teachers if you let yourself see them that way”
Kyle “I’m a bit confused… So you are saying that, my teacher was chosen as my teacher because …he’s not a likeable guy?”
Wise One “To an extent. He was chosen as your teacher because his personality will make you react in the biggest way. You will never be able to move forward if you always surround yourself with the people that you like. This is the opportunity for you to be around someone that you dislike, and allow you the chance to question yourself as to why you judge them that way.
Kyle “ohh…I kinda get it, but …I thought we were supposed to surround us with people that love us…rather than make us suffer?”
Wise One “That is true. Your teacher is not making you suffer is he? You are the one who is doing the reacting”
Kyle “..Umm…yea…..but …he calls me names..and always misjudge me….don’t understand me…I just feel a bit sad sometimes when he yells at me for no reason”
Wise One “Imagine how easy it would be for you to face the rest of the world once you learn to accept him for who he is”
Kyle “…I guess…but he’s spending my money too!!! I’d be broke by the time “someone” decides to give him money….that’d be a miracle”
Wise One “Haha.”
Kyle “I’m just a bit worried about spending so much money on him at the same time not allowed to get a job. And at the same time getting yelled by him. It’s like I’m paying someone to make me worry”
Wise One “Haha, you’re pretty much stirred up by the whole situation aren’t you?”
Kyle “I guess..hmm….”
Wise One “Take this chance and accept him for who he is. If you don’t, all your reactions towards him would have been for nothing. Take this chance.”
Kyle “Okay.”
Wise One “Hmm. If everyone had taken the chance to accept their parents for who they are, the years that they’ve been put through would have been a fruitful period.”
Kyle “Yeah I know what you mean. All those years, with me reacting towards my parents…have been for nothing…..It’s like I suffered for nothing”
Wise One “Well, I don’t blame you. No one was there to tell you what to do. ….we couldn’t tell you anyways. It had to be your own choice”
Kyle “…….you going to make me forget again about this conversation once I wake up aren’t you……..”
Wise One “…yes…. I’ve planted the seed, that’s all I need”
Kyle “Alright…….time for me to go back down again”


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