Posted by: Jonjon | June 30, 2009

Kyle and Wise One on Decisiveness

Kyle and Wise One on Decisiveness

June 30 2009


Wise One
“Back again already?”
Kyle “Yes. You are the only one that will tell me things”
Wise One “Haha okay, what do you need”
Kyle “To learn about decisiveness. Teacher has been telling me that I’m just not decisive enough, but I am….I have made the decision to do yoga and meditation every morning”
Wise One “That is a decisive decision, but it doesn’t necessarily make you decisive”
Kyle “What do you mean?”
Wise One “On the surface, you seem decisive. But I’ve always observed you whilst you do yoga and meditation, and noticed your indecisiveness”
Kyle “… have?”
Wise One “Yes….not only indecisiveness..but also a lack of trust and impatience too”
Kyle “…this is kinda embarassing, but please tell me what I have been doing wrong…because I’ve never stopped doing yoga and have always have finished my morning practices to completion”
Wise One “Well. On the surface it can appear that way. But I notice that you always want to give up halfway through yoga”
Kyle “Well…I don’t like yoga haha. But I’m decisive, that’s why I always finish it”
Wise One “You do finish your yoga. But you always want to give up”
Kyle “Because it’s painful!”
Wise One “You see, if you were decisive, you would have not wanted to give it up..and it wouldn’t have been painful, because you would have had to accept the fact that you would have to finish it anyways no matter what”
Kyle “…oh…I see”
Wise One “And if you were decisive, you would have not being impatient, and would have taken the yoga slowly rather than hurrying through some poses”
Kyle “…hmm”
Wise One “And if you trusted yourself, you would have never questioned about whether or not you were doing your postures right or not. You were constantly judging yourself in yoga last week…giving yourself bad marks in some postures..”
Kyle “Hmm…..I ..hmm.”
Wise One “And one more thing”
Kyle “hmm….yes?”
Wise One “It’s okay, it takes a while to learn to be decisive….so don’t blame yourself too hard……”
Kyle “yeah? Hmm…I just feel a bit bad….after doing the practice all this time ….and…didn’t do it right ..”
Wise One “…You learn from mistakes, and these mistakes are experiences. You see, only when you have benefited to a point, that I am able to tell you these things. So you have come a long way, congratulations”
Kyle “Yeah? …still feel a bit bad”
Wise One “haha, I can tell that you are just waiting for more compliments”
Kyle “Haha yea”
Wise One “Well…I can give you more but I think you need to go back, yoga awaits you”
Kyle “I feel like sleeping in…”
Wise One “….be decisive about it…are you going to sleep in or do yoga?”
Kyle “I will sleep in and do yoga later”
Wise One “Haha that works I guess”


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