Posted by: Jonjon | June 30, 2009

Kyle and Teacher on Teaching 2

Kyle and Teacher on Teaching 2

June 30 2009

Teacher “How have you been?”
Kyle “Pretty good, just a bit worried about Amy and Michael..don’t know where they moved to..”
Teacher “Stop worrying about them…worry about yourself! You have much to work on”
Kyle “I’m not worried about them, I was just saying…you have much to work on yourself too…like judging people and impatience and..”
Teacher “No…I’ve already worked on those, haha, you should be only worrying about yourself”
Kyle “..”
Teacher “You are still young, and have no experience. I’ve been out in the real world and dealt with alot of people, so I can relate to many, but you don’t”
Kyle “I can relate to many people, I’ve dealt with many people”
Teacher “Haha….we’ll see about that”
Kyle “I think you are judging me too harshly”
Teacher “I’m just being direct, that’s all”
Kyle “..”
Teacher “Anyways, recently someone was sent for me to help her. She expected me to teach her how to ground herself….in an hour! Haha…can you believe how impatient she was ???”
Kyle “Stop blaming her, she probably don’t know what grounding means”
Teacher “Haha yeah she has no clue, some people are just so impatient, especially the Americans who just want to get to a certain level in an instant”
Kyle “What….are the Americans like that?”
Teacher “Yeah, recently people from that belief program “Avatar” has been harassing me to join them. You see, the course is moe than a $1000, and the second course is even more expensive, but it’s free if you bring a friend along”
Kyle “So not a course you’d think people should do?”
Teacher “It’s a good course, but it’s very imbalanced. It focuses on the mind only, but it should focus on the body too.”
Kyle “You’ve done it?”
Teacher “Yeah the elders taught it to me”
Kyle “….why did they teach it to you if it’s imbalanced?”
Teacher “They taught the body part too”
Kyle “…what? But you just said that Avatar focused only on the mind?”
Teacher “Well….people want to make money so they took out the body part. You see, if you incorporate the body part, it will make the course longer, and those Americans don’t want to do long courses”
Kyle “I see….”
Teacher “Those people just keep on harassing me. I tell them to stop but they just don’t. I’m broke anyways”
Kyle “Yeah…I don’t think I’d have the money to fund that for you too..”
Teacher “Haha, I don’t ask for money.”
Kyle “Well…you certainly have no money at the moment”
Teacher “That’s the kind of life I live, so you shouldn’t complain about yours”
Kyle “I Don’t…”


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