Posted by: Jonjon | June 28, 2009

Kyle and Wise One on Teaching and Decisiveness

Kyle and Wise One on Teaching and Decisiveness

June 28 2009

Kyle “I don’t know….what should I do…should I leave or not?”
Wise One “You know the answer”
Kyle “ money…it’s disappearing everyday in order to fund my teacher’s accommodation, and at the same time all I am getting is constant abuse from him rather than any signs of gratitude”
Wise One “Don’t take it personally. He has helped alot of people too, but all he got was constant abuse as well”
Kyle “..So it’s alright for him to take his anger out on me? I’ve helped alot of people too and I get constant abuse as well but I don’t take my anger out on someone else”
Wise One “Well….sticking with him will do you good”
Kyle “In what way?”
Wise One “You need to learn how to be decisive, use this chance to learn”
Kyle “Can you explain more?”
Wise One “Well, you have to make a choice, and stick with it. Do you think you are making the right decision ?”
Kyle “Half half….hmmm”
Wise One “Make a decision then stick with it, and have no doubts. Because this is a difficult time for you both, so if you can make a decisive decision right now, you will be able to move forward”
Kyle “..what do you mean by moving forward??…so I should with making my decision??I don’t understand”
Wise One “Well, make a decision and stick with it…even if it is to choose to not support him. A decision is a decision. But a decisive decision requires you stick with it. You have never made any decisive decisions before, and right now is one of the rare moments where you can make a decisive decision.”
Kyle “Why now?”
Wise One “Because this situation is making you unsure. And once a decision is made, you need to stick with it.”
Kyle “yea…”
Wise One “Even when you are unsure, you need to be decisive, but always trust yourself first”
Kyle “…Okay…but …I might have to think about it for a while before I make a decisive decision”
Wise One “It is wiser that way I would agree”


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