Posted by: Jonjon | June 28, 2009

Kyle and Teacher on Teaching

Kyle and Teacher on Teaching

June 28 2009

Teacher “Where’s Amy?”
Kyle “Umm she’s left, so now only me and you”
Teacher “Haha, I knew that was going to happen. I told you haven’t I?”
Kyle “Umm, not really,
Teacher “I have!!! You just don’t listen!!! I have told you many times!!!!
Yeah. Amy just couldn’t handle facing with her own learning when it came out. Last time I tried to help her through yoga but she just broke down crying because of all the things that surfaced”
Kyle “Umm maybe you were pushing her too hard”
Teacher “No…she was pushing herself too hard”
Kyle “Okay..”
Teacher “You know, she can run away to anywhere she wants, but she can never run away from herself”
Kyle “Okay..”
Teacher “If you don’t deal with your own emotions, you will never be able to release your own learning”
Kyle “Yeah yeah yeah……but she’s left, what are you going to do about it?”
Teacher “nothing I can do about’s her own decision..and I respect her decision”
Kyle “….yea yea
Teacher “By the way, as much as I hate to ask, but can I get money from you again, I need it for another week”
Kyle “…yeah sure…but why don’t you ring your parents and ask for money?”
Teacher “Because they will never support me. I’ve always supported myself, never asking anyone for help. That’s the kind of person I am, so I feel a bit strange asking you to give me money. I don’t want to though.”
Kyle “Who else would you be able to get the money from?”
Teacher “I don’t know!”
Kyle “Okay okay……I’ll just go get the cash out”
Teacher “Haha okay, it’ll be good for you to have less cash, it’s good for your learning”
Kyle “..yea okay…”


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