Posted by: Jonjon | June 28, 2009

Kyle and Amy on Teacher Teaching

Kyle and Amy on Teacher Teaching

Amy “You know what? I’m going to leave this horrible teacher”
Kyle “why?”
Amy “Well, he managed to push all his students away. His ego is too huge. He is too self-centered. He is always talking about how good he is and how bad we are”
Kyle “Isn’t that what teachers are supposed to be like?”
Amy “NO no no!!! It’s his personality. He loves himself too much, I just can’t put up with him anymore.”
Kyle “I can’t handle being in the same room with him for a long time…….but he has a good heart so…”
Amy “Remember last time he was talking about you being so impatient? He was mainly projecting his own experiences onto you. I’ve heard stories that he injured himself many times because he wanted to get into a pose quick”
Kyle “So he was caring for me?”
Amy “….If he was caring for you he would have told you that story. He’s an impatient guy, always jumping to conclusions, he just thinks that you will make the same mistake as him.”
Kyle “..oh yeah.”
Amy “He doesn’t think anyone else is better than him, that’s why he is always projecting his own flaws onto other people, that’s why he’s always fighting with people when there’s no need to fight..he thinks people would react in the same way as him but they are just not him!”
Kyle “…..You may be right…..he’s misjudged me quite a few times…..but we have no choice..he’s our only teacher….and we’ve already agreed that he was to be the one”
Amy “There are many teachers out there, I think I’m going to go find Michael and see if he has found a new teacher yet”
Kyle “….what about me?”
Amy “You can come along if you want..”
Kyle “…but who is going to support teacher? He has no money left, and no one is around him to give him money to stay at a place”
Amy “He can always go back to his own country. He doesn’t need to stay here. He has pushed all the people who are trying to help him away. Only the soft ones stayed. You are just too scared to leave”
Kyle “I’m not scared to leave”
Amy “Then why don’t you come with me?”
Kyle “But who’s going to give him money to stay?”
Amy “If teacher is well looked after, then he should be able to get support somehow. Why would you want to pay for his accomodation at the same time let him yell at you? What are you paying for ?”
Kyle “But him yelling at me is part of teaching?”
Amy “No!!! that’s not it. Don’t you see? He’s still working on learning to be more compassionate, more patient, more caring, less self-centering, more humility…and he has a long way to go. Before he learns all of these, the learning you’re ever going to get is constant abuse from him. Why would you want someone like that? Who is so arrogant and naive to think that they are actually humble when they are not?”
Kyle “….but …he’s homeless…..I guess I just don’t really see him as a teacher at the moment….I’ll support him until I can’t….I can still pay for a few more weeks”
Amy “So you are no coming with me?”
Kyle “No”
Amy “Bad choice”
Kyle “……”


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