Posted by: Jonjon | June 24, 2009

Teacher and Amy on Trust

Teacher and Amy on Trust

June 24 2009

Amy “Can you explain more about trust? …I don’t really understand the concept”
Teacher “Well, do you trust yourself?”
Amy “I do! But you always tell me that I don’t”
Teacher “Yeah you don’t. When it comes down to it, it’s all about decision making, and you have a habit of running away from situations where it required you to make a decision”
Amy “….I don’t”
Teacher “You are just not ready to hear this yet…so you won’t understand. But decisions range from small to big. Even small ones, when people invite you out to lunch, you tend to always step away from participating in the decision making process”
Amy “..that’s because I care more about other people than myself. I don’t really mind going anywhere, so I don’t want to be dragging other people with me to a place they don’t like when I don’t really care”
Teacher “But you do care”
Amy “I don’t!!!”

Wise One and Amy on Trust

June 24 2009

Amy “Can you explain to me about trust?”
Wise One “certainly, what would you like to know”
Amy “Do I trust myself?”
Wise One “Not enough”
Amy “What do you mean?”
Wise One “You are always scared of making the wrong decisions”
Amy “Isn’t everyone?”
Wise One “You need to make a decision from time to time.”
Amy “Yeah…but I do”
Wise One “The only decision that you make is to not make any decisions”
Amy “What do you mean?”
Wise One “You always give your choice away to other people, because you think it’s a sign of love and respect”
Amy “Is it not?”
Wise One “It a way… but overtime it will cause an imbalance, like there is now. You are now lacking love and respect for yourself. You see, if you keep this habit going in a cycle, you will end up with no love for yourself, thus you will have no love to give to others too. Would you want that?”
Amy “No….I don’t….But what if I make the wrong decision!?!?”
Wise One “Trust yourself. If you make the wrong one, learn from it, and then make a better one next time, it’s that simple”
Amy “….It’s hard”
Wise One “In terms of decision making, do you know what is the most important at the end of the day?”
Amy “The outcome…”
Wise One “You see, that’s what you’ve been taught, and that is what is giving you fears. Actually, the most important aspect is whether or not, you have trusted yourself when you had made your decision”
Amy “…….hmm…”
Wise One “Do you understand?”
Amy “So..what you mean is. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is..i.e..if I’ve made a right decision or not…… just as long as I trusted myself when I made the decision then that’s all I need to do?”
Wise One “Yes, it’s that simple.”
Amy “….that makes sense….”
Wise One “Yes”


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