Posted by: Jonjon | June 19, 2009

Wise One and Jack on Impatience

Wise One and Jack on Impatience

Jack “I’m leaving”
Wise One “You are making a horrible mistake. Stay”
Jack “Why?? I’m not going to be taught by him!”
Wise One “You will suffer if you leave now. Can’t you see, your patience and trust is being tested at this stage”
Jack “Why is everyone telling me that? I don’t believe it, I have patience and trust. I trust myself to go out and find a better teacher”
Wise One “You did the same thing last life, but found none”
Jack “I am in the present. I am me. I am now who I was”
Wise One “But you are going to do what you did”
Jack “Give me a reason to stay”
Wise One “If you go out, you’ll come back eventually. It is just going to be a waste of time. If you pass your test of trust and patience, you won’t have to do it again”
Jack “I have trust and patience in myself. Why do I need trust and patience in him?”
Wise One “Because it is more difficult to do.
Jack “I’m leaving. Sorry.”
Wise One “Okay. But you are making the wrong decision”


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