Posted by: Jonjon | June 19, 2009

Teacher and Wise one On Jack

Teacher and Wise one On Jack

June 19 2009

Teacher “You!”
Wise Ones “What”
Teacher “Why did you not send anyone to help me!? You guys want me to teach, but at the same time you abandon me in a place with no money!!!! I trusted you….. You promised me an apartment too. What about me??
Wise Ones “We sent you help”
Teacher “Who?”
Wise Ones “Jack”
Teacher “he was the help?”
Wise Ones “For now”
Teacher “Why??”
Wise Ones “There is karma between you and him that needs to be released. You hold too much grudge against him for running away from you last life, and he has problem trusting and accepting you as his teacher.”
Teacher “…”
Wise Ones “Stay a bit longer. Jack needs to stay”
Teacher “Can’t I just find a replacement?”
Wise Ones “No. No replacements. We made a deal, and that is not to change”
Teacher “I think he is going to run away”
Wise Ones “He won’t…not this time”


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