Posted by: Jonjon | June 19, 2009

Teacher and Kyle and Amy on Jack

Teacher and Kyle and Amy on Jack

Teacher “Hey guys…..I need assistance with something”
Kyle “Sure, ask ahead”
Amy “?”
Teacher “I need 100$ for my rent”
Kyle “Haha, no one to lend you a hand? Jack told me about lending you money last week, haha, and he said he was going to leave because you failed your test”
Teacher “I haven’t failed my test..and he left already, yesterday”
Kyle “He left??”
Amy “He left!? I thought you said he was going to stay! You even consulted with the elders!”
Teacher “…Nothing I can do, but he will be back”
Amy “How?”
Kyle “yea how?
Teacher “Although he has free will to do everything, there’s a loop hole to that”
Amy “loop hole?”
Kyle “?”
Teacher “Don’t tell this to Jack. But I’m going to take away all his options. So the only choice he will be able to make is to come back to us. It’s still free will, but he’ll be left with very few choices to excercise his free will upon haha!”
Amy “..yea? what?”
Kyle “You can do that?”
Teacher “Hehe yeah.”
Amy “So when he is coming back?”
Teacher “I don’t know. Because of his action, some things are going to be prolonged, because the elders will have to reorganize everyone’s life around so Jack will be able to end up in the right place”
Kyle “.oh ..further waiting?”
Amy “….if only you had trusted yourself..Jack wouldn’t have reacted in this way and left us”
Teacher “It’s not my fault, it was his responsibility to choose to stay. If I made that decision for him, then he would have learnt nothing and have taken no steps forward. I am just sad….at the fact that he is going to go through quite alot of suffering before he meets us again”
Kyle “Are you really sure that he will come back? He didn’t come back last time, what makes this time different?”
Teacher “Well, ….hmm…. We’re smarter this time.”
Amy “How?”
Teacher “Before he came to physicality, we actually got his soul to sign an agreement that he will be back here no matter what haha…. “
Amy “…WHAT!??!?! You can do that? You’re freaking me out”
Kyle “Does that mean…we’ve signed the agreement too?”
Teacher “Ha ha….so you guys will be fine. It’s just to make sure that you guys end up in the right place. You guys are an extreme bunch, the long-timers. You guys have been stuck here on earth for too long, so we kinda had to resort to cheating a little bit….but all for a greater purpose of course.”
Amy “…well I guess that’s good. I’ll be able to see Jack again. I mean we will be able to see Jack again”
Kyle “Yeah, but the waiting thing is taking… What…..I thought you were going to open a school a year ago, how come this is taking so long?”
Teacher “The elders are dragging this out…..especially to piss me off because I have to deal with some learnings”
Kyle “What? Impatience?”
Teacher “That and trusting myself that everything will be fine……and I also have a problem with asking people for help….which is something that I have to deal with too..”
Amy “But you had no problems asking Jack for money!”
Teacher “That is why I had to ask Jack for money, I would have never done it if I wasn’t forced to”
Kyle “…..alright…….further waiting. Jesus!”
Amy “…this is taking forever!!!”
Teacher “At least you guys don’t have to concern about whether or not you’ll be able to have your next meal. I’m stripped of everything!”


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