Posted by: Jonjon | June 19, 2009

Teacher and Amy On Jack

Teacher and Amy On Jack

June 19 2009

Amy “Jack is about to run away, we need to stop him!”
Teacher “I spoke with the elders ..he won’t be running away”
Amy “He isn’t?”
Teacher “No”
Amy “But he ran away last life, what is making this time different?”
Teacher “…I talked with the elders…but …I don’t know. I am sensing that he ….is going to run away unfortunately. I don’t know.”
Amy “..I thought you were supposed to know!!!”
Teacher “…that’s the problem with giving people free will in physicality. You can’t really tell what they are going to do”
Amy “What if he leaves? What is going to happen to the group?”
Teacher “We’ll find a replacement”
Amy “A replacement for Jack? We are replaceable?”
Teacher “You guys are I’m afraid”
Amy “That is cruel don’t you think?”
Teacher “We can’t let a single person hold us down like that”
Amy “Don’t make Jack leave, do you want him to leave?”
Teacher “I don’t, but I do respect his decision, unfortunately”
Amy “….”


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