Posted by: Jonjon | June 19, 2009

Kyle and Teacher on Impatience

Kyle and Teacher on Impatience

June 19 2009

Kyle “Ahh, you finally here”
Wise One “I’m always here, you come to ask me about impatience?”
Kyle “How do you tell the difference between wanting to do something because your heart wants you to do and wanting to do something because you have no patience? I asked my teacher but he doesn’t seem to want to answer me directly”
Wise One “Well, your teacher will be able to answer that very soon”
Kyle “so.. not now? why?”
Wise One “Because his impatience is being tested at the moment… Impatience usually get the best of everyone, even great teachers”
Kyle “Then how do I tell?”
Wise One “It is hard”
Kyle “so I have to wait until he finishes his test so he could tell me?”
Wise One “You don’t have to wait for him. You learn to differentiate by observing your own emotional state”
Kyle “I still don’t get it”
Wise One “Well, there’s one more thing that you have to learn, maybe that will help you”
Kyle “What?”
Wise One “Control”
Kyle “Control?”
Wise One “Learning how to control will balance the two out.”
Kyle “Hmm, but….what? ..Still don’t really get it. To make the equation even more difficult, how do I tell not doing something because my heart does not want me to, and not doing something because of fear?”
Wise One “That is hard too. That is why you have to know yourself really well. Know what you are impatient with, and what your fears are. Once you realise who you really are, then you will know what to do”
Kyle “Sounds like a long journey”
Wise One “Not if you start now”
Kyle “……don’t know..”
Wise One “you’ll get there”
Kyle “..”
Wise One “You alright?”
Kyle “I’m alright, just …a bit clueless”


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