Posted by: Jonjon | June 19, 2009

Jack and Teacher on Impatience

Jack and Teacher on Impatience

June 19 2009

Teacher “Hey silly boy”
Jack “Stop calling me that”
Teacher “how have you been?”
Jack “I’m good, silly man”
Teacher “Haha, bit angry today aren’t you? Can I borrow 100$?”
Jack “Why?”
Teacher “I’m out of cash”
Jack “But I thought you were in good hands?”
Teacher “Yea..but……I can’t see how I’m able to live without money.”
Jack “…When do you need the money by?”
Teacher “In an hour, otherwise the landlord will kick me out”
Jack “I don’t understand….. Why me? Why don’t you get a job?”
Teacher “I can’t get a job, and I’m forced to stay in this backpackers because my trust is being tested. I waited until the last hour and no one has come to assist yet”
Jack “…so you are not in good hands?”
Teacher “I am.”
Jack “Okay okay, I’ll give you 100$”
Teacher “Hehe. I will give it back to you someday”
Jack “..alright”


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