Posted by: Jonjon | June 19, 2009

Jack and Kyle on Impatience

Jack and Kyle on Impatience

June 19 2009

Jack “Can you believe what our teacher did? He asked me for money!!!!!”
Kyle “What? Why?”
Jack “I think he’s faking this whole spiritual thing.
Kyle “No….he doesn’t have the heart to do that. But I’m suprised…he actually asked for money?”
Jack “I think he failed. He failed his test of trust!!! Only if he waited until the last second, someone would have came and offered money to him. But instead of doing that, he chickend out and decided to abandon it and….. took away my 100$!!!!!!!!!!”
Kyle “..I thought he is being tested on his patience?”
Jack “He’s being tested on both! And he failed!! Oh no!! What are we going to do ???? He’s failed!!”
Kyle “I don’t know…. Somehow I am thinking that this is a test of trust for us?”
Jack “For us?”
Kyle “Yeah….we have to learn to trust him. Maybe our patience is being tested to”
Jack “Easy for you to say that!! I just lost 100$!!!”
Kyle “…haha….It’s alright, I’ll pay his rent next time”
Jack “I don’t know..I feel like leaving to find a better teacher. How are we supposed to learn with such a weak teacher”
Kyle “He’s only human.”
Jack “I don’t know….I rather get a teacher who has great abilities and have already finished his learning here..don’t you want to do that?”
Kyle “…sounds tempting..but my heart is telling me to stay. It’s alright, just stick around”
Jack “….I feel like just leaving…I need to move forward!!”
Kyle “hmm”


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