Posted by: Jonjon | June 19, 2009

Amy and Jack on Impatience

Amy and Jack on Impatience

June 19 2009

Jack “Teacher has failed!!! he failed his test of trust!! and took away my 100$!!”
Amy “What what what? Whats going on?”
Jack “Remember how teacher said that someone would eventually lend a hand to help him in the very last second? But instead of waiting until the last second, he panicked and decided to abandon his test and asked me for my money!!”
Amy “He asked you for money!?!?”
Jack “Yeah!! he failed!!!”
Amy “Are you sure he failed?”
Jack “yes!! I don’t think anything is going to happen. He promised us a school, and teaching, his test is over. But he failed the test! I don’t see how he is going to build a school without money. I think I’m going to leave and find a better teacher!”
Amy “You leaving !?!?!? No stay….maybe this is is a test!!!’s a test!! for us. To learn to trust him!”
Jack “Why do you and Kyle say that?” I’m leaving….seriously, I am. Next week, if he asks me for another rent I’m just going to leave”
Amy “…where are you going to leave to?!?”
Jack “I trust myself more than him! I’m sure I will be pushed in the right direction when I move out of my place”
Amy “..Will you come back? when will you come back? you going overseas or ?”
Jack “I’m going overseas!”
Amy “…..lets talk about it later alright….
Jack “…”


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