Posted by: Jonjon | June 12, 2009

Wise One and Amy On Guilt

June 13 2009

Wise One and Amy On Guilt

Wise One “Here I am!”
Amy “You came to me again!”
Wise One “Not this time, you came to me!”
Amy “I did?”
Wise One “What do you want to ask?”
Amy “Teacher said I should be responsible! But I am!”
Wise One “that’s not what he said”
Amy “Yes that’s what he said”
Wise One “He said for you to take responsibility for yourself didn’t he?”
Amy “……..isn’t that the same thing?”
Wise One “…let me rephrase it in a clearer language for you. You have to take responsibility for …your own emotions”
Amy “What’s the difference?”
Wise One “Hmm…this is a big topic. But in your case, you need to stop taking responsibility for other people, and start taking responsibility for yourself. Your teacher just wanted you to realise that you are not responsible for other people’s sufferings. It’s them who have to take responsibilities for their own actions..I mean reactions. You do too, so there’s no need to feel any guilt”
Amy “Ah. I get it”
Wise One “haha, just like that? There’s actually more to it…in fact..ALOT more meaning behind what your teacher told you”
Amy “Explain”
Wise One “It’ll take too long. People will probably think that you were in a coma by the time you wake up from the lesson”
Amy “..But I thought time doesn’t exist here?”
Wise One “Very clever! I just like for you to figure it out yourself. You are smart enough”
Amy “…okay!”
Wise One “You take flattery very readily don’t you”
Amy “..”
Wise One “See you next time”
Amy “Okay”


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