Posted by: Jonjon | June 12, 2009

Kyle and Teacher on Teaching

Kyle and Teacher on Teaching

June 13 2009

Teacher “I’m tired, I think I’m going to go and kick the bucket”
Kyle “What!?”
Teacher “Why do I have to teach people when no one wants to move forward…and I have to put through all these tests just to teach ….what about me!!!?”
Kyle “..I’m sure it helps with your own learning too”
Teacher “Well…not really…you guys get the most benefit”
Kyle “What would you rather do?”
Teacher “Have my own apartment”
Kyle “…and?”
Teacher “…not sure..maybe rest for a while”
Kyle “’ll get bored”
Teacher “Haha…yeah”
Kyle “I think you enjoy teaching”
Teacher “….yeah…but I’d still like my own place”
Kyle “Why don’t you get one?”
Teacher “I’m not allowed”
Kyle “Why? You are strange!!!”
Teacher “It’s a test of trust. I’m not supposed to get a job, and trust that someone will give me money”
Kyle “It doesn’t make sense”
Teacher “…….ah well…”
Kyle “..I think I know what you mean. I’ve been questioning myself about whether or not I should be on this path. I mean…it’s fun down here….it must have been a bit boring up there that’s why we came down here isn’t it???…so why are we attempting to go up there again?”
Teacher “…that’s one way to think to become stuck down here. We are originally up there so, in a way, we want to go back home…which is up there not down here.”
Kyle “But is it necessary to move forward? I mean..if you are enjoying life the way it already is, then …shouldn’t that be enough?”
Teacher “It’s always necessary to move forward. But..I guess, people are just clueless as to what they are supposed to be doing here. People have already had numerous amounts of incarnations here, so they have already done what they are doing many times before…drinking..marrying…having sex. It’s just kinda saddens me when they wake up from the experience again, and realise that they forgot to do what they were here to do again….and again…and again…”
Kyle “yeah…the forgetting thing that happens when you are born into here is pretty annoying”
Teacher “Haha..that’s one way to put it. But it’s the only way to make it safe”
Kyle “Safe for what?”
Teacher “It hurts too much sometimes to remember. Everyone gets a fresh chance to start over again”
Kyle “..But I thought it’s the remembering that will make people learn to not make mistakes again?”
Teacher “No….the experience will always be embedded within everyone of us. That’s enough. Remembering will scare everyone away”
Kyle “Oh I see”
Teacher “I’m just tired……sometimes I just question it necessary for me to go through all of this for people who don’t want to move forward….”
Kyle “…Yeah……… it necessary….well…I guess for people that are suffering at the moment…but for people who are enjoying their life at the moment……maybe ..not so?”
Teacher “I don’t know….I don’t know!!!.”


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