Posted by: Jonjon | June 12, 2009

Kyle and Teacher On Illnesses

June 13 2009

Kyle and Teacher On Illnesses

Kyle “I think I have found out the cause of the illness on my foot”
Teacher “what do you think?”
Kyle “It’s because I don’t make a decision and follow through with it”
Teacher “…….ahh that’s the one. “
Kyle “Is it?!”
Teacher “Yes, because you have a habit of putting everything that you want to do off because you feared this and feared that, not really listening to what your heart wanted. Everytime you were supposed to take a step forward, you crawl back to your own little safe world instead.”
Kyle “…..but it has healed..just not completely…well the podiatrist just said it was incurable”
Teacher “Well….I know you are changing..or trying to change..but the illness on your foot has just been feastering itself for all this time beause of your indecisiveness. I mean with me..I have instant karma, if I don’t do what my heart tells me to do, then the next day I probably get a broken foot. But you’re on a different path so it takes a while for some problems to manifest itself on your body”
Kyle “Instant Karma?! Why!?!”
Teacher “Well….keeps my path narrow”
Kyle “Why?!”
Teacher “…So I can’t really go anywhere else but to teach you little brats. “
Kyle “…sounds pretty tough”
Teacher “Yes and No…makes it quicker for me to reach from A to B, unlike you guys who tend to spend half of your life taking a huge detour to meaningless suffering. Hmmm…maybe I should make your paths narrower…this I will have to consult with the others”
Kyle “I don’t mind… I ‘d like to avoid meaningless suffering”
Teacher “Yea? How about…… meaningful suffering?”
Kyle “….that I’m not sure of”
Teacher “Well, you get to face alot of your fears on the way”
Kyle “…..why not..I guess..hmm?..not sure
Teacher “Haha…I won’t do that to you guys. Lets just take it gradually, step by step.”
Kyle “Phew! That sounds better!”
Teacher “But I know saying that would piss Jack off. He thinks he’s ready for everything, but I just don’t want to see him getting slammed”
Kyle “Is that why you always piss him off?”
Teacher “Haha…I don’t intentionally piss him off, he just gets pissed off pretty easily because of his pride”
Kyle “I see”
Teacher “There was once when I tackled my darkest fears head on. Woo….didn’t learn anything from it, but my heart got hurt quite a bit, and took me a while to heal”
Kyle “…awwww, you sound like a girl”
Teacher “…..I do ! haha”


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