Posted by: Jonjon | June 12, 2009

Jack and Teacher On Attraction

June 13 2009

Jack and Teacher On Attraction

Teacher “Hey stupid”
Jack “..that wasn’t very nice”
Teacher “haha. See that girl over there? She asked me out once”
Jack “She did?…I can’t imagine someone that bored would do that…”
Teacher”Haha, she was the boring one. I rejected her!!”
Jack “Why?”
Teacher “..can’t remember..she sure was attractive though”
Jack “.”
Teacher “By the way, you should stop going out with that fat german friend of yours”
Jack “Why?”
Teacher “She might sit on you one day and you’ll end up having an early death”
Jack “Whats with you today??! Learn to respect people!!”
Teacher “People should respect me. You have to learn to listen!!”
Jack “..”
Teacher “What I wanted to say was that…people are attracted to people with similar learning. So, you’ll get hurt by her pretty soon”
Jack “What do you mean?”
Teacher “You have problems with commitment.”
Jack “I don’t! what has this to do with anything?!?!”
Teacher “So why are you always choosing jobs that you can’t stick for long?”
Jack “…”
Teacher “How many jobs have you had?”
Jack “…few ..dozens….. I had those for experience!!”
Teacher “ you were just drifting around. What happened with that last job interview you had?”
Jack “…I didn’t go to that one”
Teacher “Why?”
Jack “..missed the dead line”
Teacher “why?”
Jack “I was just fixing up my CV”
Teacher “Haha, there’s no need to make up reasons for missing a job. You always go for jobs that you don’t like because it gives you a reason to not commit. The same with this german girl. You know the relationship won’t be long, that’s why you chose her. You asked for it, and that’s what you received. You’re going to get hurt by her pretty soon…because that’s what you chose. You chose another relationship that you can’t commit to, and you’ll find a reason to leave again…….actually that reason will come to you when she decide to start abusing you…”
Jack “She’s a nice girl. I like her…I guess.. She’s a bit…..she’s interesting”
Teacher “Okay I’m just telling you. People are attracted to people with similar learnings”
Jack “What……. So ….what you are saying is. Say, if I have a particular learning to go through with a particular person. That person will come….into this life….with the looks that will attract me?”
Teacher “…Woo, that sounded deep..almost…philisophical”
Jack “ people come into this life attractive just for me?”
Teacher “I take what I said back.. “
Jack “..or you mean that I am attracted to particular people because I need to deal with some particular learnings with them?”
Teacher “That’s no different than what I said in the first place!”
Jack “…But I don’t get it. Physical attraction? So ….won’t they….be attracted to me as well?”
Teacher “That fat German girl sure was attracted to you…but not your face!!!”
Jack “……….so what do you mean by attraction?”
Teacher “It’s not superficial attraction. Rather, it’s the attraction between hearts.”
Jack “How does that feel???”
Teacher “I think you know. I’m sure fat german girls don’t rank on the top of the list of girls you are planning to date…I hope.”
Jack “…”
Teacher “THEY ARE???!!!!?”
Jack “.no…hmm..not really. I am just not as judgemental as you are”
Teacher “you’re crazy”


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