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Amy and Teacher on Buddha

Amy and Teacher on Buddha

June 13 2009


Amy “Hey, do you know anything about the Buddha? I think he’s the leader of some organisation called Buddhism”
Teacher “Haha…you crack me up.”
Amy “?”
Teacher “Buddhism is the religion that sprang out of his teachings…and Buddha is one of the world teachers”
Amy “.hmmm He seems to be always smiling…looks kinda like a nice guy”
Teacher “He’s a beautiful man”
Amy “What was his life like?”
Teacher “Well..hmm as far as I can remember. He was born into royalty, and his father basically gave him everything he desired and wanted”
Amy “That’s a nice dad to have!”
Teacher “Haha, well….his dad did that in order to keep him in the palace. He didn’t want him to know what was going on outside”
Amy “Why?”
Teacher “Well. His dad went to see a fortune teller once, and the fortune teller told him that his son was going to be either a great ruler, or a great healer”
Amy “Great healer?”
Teacher “In other worlds, a world teacher. His dad wanted him to be a ruler instead, so that’s why he was never allowed to go outside”
Amy “How did he become a teacher if he never went outside?”
Teacher “Haha,….being confined in only the palace perimeters was good in a way…because it kinda sparked his interest in what layed beyond the palace walls”
Amy “ohh, so his dad allowed him to go outside?”
Teacher “…no he escaped!!!”
Amy “He did? But he had everything in the palace!”
Teacher “..Curiosity is a wonderous thing isn’t it. He was quite suprised…or shocked, to find that many people weren’t enjoying the kind of pleasureful life that he had. He saw that there were too many sufferings. He was also curious as to why some “monks” who had nothing, were more happy than the street beggars who had nothing as well, that’s when he began to question about the truth of things”
Amy “What do you mean?”
Teacher “Well, I guess he just found out that happiness does not lie on the outside, but rather, it’s on the inside. He had many teachers along the way in order to find the truth, and he was taught many techniques..very powerful ones, but he still felt that there was still more to uncover”
Amy “Uncovering what?”
Teacher “It was quite funny too. There was one time when he decided to sit and starve to death until the answer came to him. But that didn’t work”
Amy “So all that starving was unnecessary?”
Teacher “….in a way haha! He was so skinny that he could touch his spine with his hand pushing against his stomach”
Amy “But the Buddah statues I saw depicted him as quite fat!!!!”
Teacher “…well…it’s more of a portrayal of happiness. You see, India was quite a poor country. So…if you were fat you were happy”
Amy “Haha… did he die from starvation?”
Teacher “Nope”
Amy “I thought you had to eat to live?”
Teacher “Yeah, he decided to..very slowly once he realised that starvation wasn’t working for him. Then one day he was just sitting under the tree, then the answer came to him. That was the day when he was enlightened”
Amy “What came to him and what do you mean by enlightened?”
Teacher “It’s hard to describe, but lets just say that he had an epiphany. He realised that by observing the impermanence of emotions, he was able to let go of them. He realised that in order to gain ultimate release from suffering, you have to understand and observe that things come and go. That’s why buddhism focused quite a bit on not having attachment to anything”
Amy “What do you mean by attachment?”
Teacher “Hard to explain. people usually misinterpret attachment. It’s basically just experiencing something, and coming to the full realisation that it’s something that comes and go. If you become attached to it, it will come back again, which is not what you want”
Amy “What if it’s a good experience”
Teacher “It comes and go, like with bad experiences. But by realising that nothing is permanent…there’s really bad and good experiences don’t you think?”
Amy “Errr”
Teacher “Alot of people ascended during the time he was there on earth”
Amy “Ascended?”
Teacher “Hmm….well..I mean they gained release from earth, and did not have to come back here again”
Amy “Why would you want to do that?”
Teacher “Hmm…because there’s no need to I guess. It’s kinda like having a fulfilled curiosity”
Amy “I see. Hmm so he must not have had along life eh?..since his curiosity was fulfilled quite young”
Teacher “He could have left on the day of his enlightenment. But he decided to stay and help”
Amy “What a nice man. So when did he die?”
Teacher “haha….well compared to some teachers…a very long time. 80 years old”
Amy “80? …hmm that’s about as old as my grandad! Hmm, starvation probably weakened his body, that’s why he died at 80 eh? I know people who lived to about 100 or something”
Teacher “He didn’t die naturally…”
Amy “He was killed?”
Teacher “..He killed himself”
Amy “What? A suicide? I thought suicide was a way to escape responsibility!!!!”
Teacher “Suicide is never the option. It’s the worst thing you could do in life. But Buddha was a different case. He wasn’t escaping responsibility, because he had already contributed enough. His karma was already balanced out, so he did no owe, or no one owed him anything. Like I said, he could have left earth many times, but he stayed in order to help people”
Amy “Why did he kill himself? Was he sick of people or what?”
Teacher “Don’t really want to say that on behalf of him”
Amy “ did he kill himself? Jump off the cliff?”
Teacher “..hmm. Well, he asked a blacksmith to prepare a recipe for him”
Amy “What? Why not a chef?”
Teacher “Because a chef will remember. So after preparing the recipe, the Black smith was told to bury it and not let anyone know about the concoction…because you see, the Buddha always saw very far in the future..and he knew what people would do”
Amy “Was it a poisonous meal?”
Teacher “Yes….so after he ate the meal, he basically shitted his way onto a place where he wanted to rest and died there”
Amy “That sounded horrible! I would have just jumped off a cliff!”
Teacher “Well, it’s the way he wanted to die”
Amy “Wow….Buddha……’s kinda strange. Why did he chose to kill himself?..”
Teacher “Don’t know. Well at the time people did not know. Buddha was human too. Being a compassionate man, I don’t think you would tell people that you don’t want to teach them anymore when you want a rest. People will feel unnecessary guilt for that, which was not what he wanted. He cared alot for people. It was perhaps better to let people know that you died from a last meal don’t you think? I mean the other option was to let someone murder you…but that probably will bring up hatred instead of guilt instead.
Amy “But Jesus died by being killed…why didn’t he die like the Buddha?”
Teacher “Different times, different circumstances, different people, different kind of teaching. It was different…in a way…..Jesus died in a way that showed him dying for the people..and that helped to wake many people up. Buddha just died in a different way……”
Amy “Hmm, I just feel a bit sad from hearing about people’s deaths..”
Teacher “Well…..the real sad part is that there are many teachers these days, or just people who are trying to help each other. But then there are also many people who are out there trying to destroy and hold back everyone’s progress. It’s tiring sometimes. It’s like being given a task to get a rock to roll by itself. People are just immovable….all that just makes me kinda want to quit as well. Can’t people just make it easier for me??”
Amy “I’m movable…”
Teacher “haha……we haven’t even tried to move you yet…”


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