Posted by: Jonjon | June 11, 2009

Asian – Coconut Candy, 8.5/10

Asian – Coconut Candy, 8.5/10

June 11 2009

125% coconut cream, 8% sugar, 75% maltose to palm sugar

100g palm sugar/gula melaka/gula jawa/gula anau/gula aren
75g maltose
2 tsp sugar
125ml Coconut cream

Crush palm sugar into smaller pieces and put the rest of the ingredient in a heavy based saucepan. (I like to put the saucepan over a cast-ironed skillet).
Cook on medium heat, stirring until the palm sugar and sugar is melted.
Do not stir and cook until it is 257 f – the hard ball stage.
To test , drop a blob into cold water. It should harden.
Pour the mixture onto a greased silicone mat.
Using the plastic spatula, stir to cool the mixture slightly, then divide mixture into 4 portions. Roll each portion into a long, 1/2 inch thick roll, then cut into 1 inch lengths while it is still warm. Shape the edges and wrap in cellophane.

This was quite flavorful. Tasted sweet like a candy, but with a slight fragrance of the maltose. There was no taste from the coconut cream. I think the cream made the flavor quite rich and creamy, so this was kinda like a creamy sweet candy. I poured the liquid onto parchment paper, thinking that it would be quite easy to remove once it hardens. But it stuck to the paper so the whole batch was ruined.


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