Posted by: Jonjon | June 10, 2009

Wise One and Amy on Teaching

June 10 2009

Wise One and Amy on Teaching

Wise One “What’s bothering you Amy?”
Amy “……..just my teacher…he’s so egotistical at times”
Wise One “haw haw, what do you mean?”
Amy “I mean he’s always talking about himself. And whenever I talk about myself he makes fun of me, it’s like he wants all the limelight in the conversation”
Wise One “That’s good”
Amy “Whatever. Having conversations about someone should be a giving and receiving thing. With him, it’s so one sided. That’s imbalanced, it’s just so wrong. And unfair too. I have the right to talk about my life too. …you should be wise, why do you think that’s a good attribute? I’ve always thought humility and compassion are the best attributes, which unfortunately are absent in him”
Wise One “You misconstrued me. What I was meant to say was that these attributes make him a great teacher”
Amy “What? To have bad attributes?”
Wise One “Do you know why we placed such a high value on him…and made the decision of getting him to be a world teacher for mankind???”
Amy “Why? Whats that. I would like to know”
Wise One “Because he’s not very good at making friends”
Amy “huh? Haha……and..that makes him a good teacher?”
Wise One “Hehe apparently. He also doesn’t hide his feelings. You see, if you have a friendly teacher, people will never be able to get stirred up”
Amy “And getting stirred up is a good thing?”
Wise One “Yes. It makes people get in touch with their emotions”
Amy “….even if they are bad emotions?”
Wise One “Especially bad emotions
Amy “….Looks like I won’t be enjoying being taught by him”
Wise One “If you want to move forward, stick with him. You are free to leave anytime”
Amy “Hmmm…….hmm……”
Wise One “Should have sympathy for him too…the longer he is here the narrower his path will be, and the more lonely he will be”
Amy “I thought he doesn’t get lonely”
Wise One “Not that kind of loneliness”
Amy “You mean like, he won’t be able to find anyone that he can relate to loneliness?”
Wise One “Something like that”
Amy “Hmmm Hmm…….Hm………”
Wise One “Everyone’s purpose here is different. Just concentrate on yours, and stop judging him”
Amy “I guess…but he always judges me!”
Wise One “haw haw”


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