Posted by: Jonjon | June 10, 2009

Teacher and Kyle on Relationships

June 10 2009

Teacher and Kyle on Relationships

Teacher “So Lisa has been texting me all day wanting to have lunch with me”
Kyle “Ok…”
Teacher “But I thought…nah….couldn’t be bothered. Having lunch with her was a good idea..for 2 seconds at least..but just the thought at the attempt of trying to have a conversation with her…nah.”
Kyle “Haha…it’s not that bad!”
Teacher “I mean she’s a good girl…I just can’t be bothered. But she just keeps on texting….ah well….you know…who cares…”
Kyle “Hmm, by the way I’ve been thinking..”
Teacher “Haha ..go on”
Kyle “I’m thinking about being celibate”
Teacher “But you already are”
Kyle “I mean…for this life”
Teacher “…you can’t. You have to have sex”
Kyle “haha…”
Teacher “You have to”
Kyle “What?? you serious?”
Teacher “Yes”
Kyle “..I thought having sex was not necessary ??”
Teacher “For you its different. You have avoided sex for too long”
Kyle “errr, how long??”
Teacher “Many lifes
Kyle “ serious?”
Teacher “It’s on one of the lists that you have to do this life”
Kyle “What?”
Teacher “You see, we come here to earth with a purpose”
Kyle “What…so I come here to have sex?”
Teacher “Don’t be stupid, that’s just one of the lists that you have decided to come here for”
Kyle “……sounds like an easy thing to accomplish”
Teacher “Depends on the girl that you’re with”
Kyle “can I have the list?”
Teacher “Maybe….maybe not.”
Kyle “Why not? wouldn’t it help me if I have the list?”
Teacher “It would. But then that means I’ll lose the upper hand at giving you orders”
Kyle “….that’s unfair”
Teacher “If you are obedient I will give you the list. I gave you the list too many times before and you just ran away with it without completing anything”
Kyle “…what….has that happened?”
Teacher “Yes”
Kyle “…that’s so unfair, I don’t even know about this”
Teacher “Haha, I’m going to have so much fun torturing you.”
Kyle “So…does it say how many times I have to have sex?”
Teacher “Haha…see, you worry so much. Can’t believe it, it’s hilarious. I’ll give it to you someday. You have to know something too, if you do some things on the list when you’re not ready for, it’s going to make you suffer”
Kyle “I see…..can’t wait to get that list off you”
Teacher “Actually, I think I’m going to break promises like I always do and not give you this list. In this way, you’ll never be able to run away from me this time. Yes……then you will receive the full wrath of my teaching”
Kyle “….haha…I already feel like running away from you now..”


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